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My Top 5 Natural Beauty Products + New eBook Announcement !

Posted Sep 06 2012 2:31pm

So far yesterday’s post on make-up (and what’s wrong with it) has received quite some interesting feedback, like I expected it to ;) .

To not let you hanging with your no make-up challenge, here are my very favorite, all raw, all natural beauty ‘products’. Start incorporating these into your beauty routine daily and reap fab results (and throw out your make-up!)

My Top 5 All Natural Beauty Products

First off, the common denominator among real natural beauty products is that they can – and should – be used both internally (orally) and externally. Both will have slightly different benefits for your complexion. Taken internally, these substances will also greatly boost your health. 

In yo face, Clinique!

Aloe Vera is awesome. Super versatile and cost-effective. Used topically, the gel of the aloe plant is great for minimizing pores and diminishing scars, and works like a mini face-lift. Aloe vera also has mild antibacterial properties, which helps with acne. Aloe vera contains an enzyme that, when applied topically to the skin, helps with inflammation (skin outbreaks). In Ancient Egypt, aloe vera was believed to be the fountain of youth, and was used in many different ways to keep the body looking fresh and young. Aloe is very moisturizing and great for after sun exposure.

Aloe vera gel can be blended into smoothies and juices. It is a great ‘lubricant’ for the intestinal tract and has soothing and slightly laxative properties, great for cleansing! Internally, aloe vera has scientifically been reported to have immune-boosting, anti-sceptic and anti-cancer properties.

Buy an aloe plant and you’ll be set for years to come. Cut off a fresh leaf whenever needed and store in the fridge, wrapped in some paper. Scoop out a little of the inner gel for your face, morning and evening, and blend some into your drinks frequently. Water your plant twice per week, about one cup. Aloe plants are dessert plants so place in a warm, dry, sunny spot.

Sexy and I know it

My new obsession for health and beauty is clay (mostly just because I like freaking people out with the sight of me drinking clay water, lol). Specifically; zeolite clay.

Zeolite is formed from the fusion of lava and ocean water, and combines all four elements. I feel that zeolite is an alchemical gift from God. It has been used for more than 800 years in Asia as a remedy for overall health and well-being.

- Dr Gabriel Cousens

Zeolite clay absorbs chemicals like heavy metals (particularly lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic), pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, and other toxins from the body very effectively which has a huge impact on your overall well-being. Zeolite can be used to assist daily, continuous detoxification on a cellular level. A cleaner body makes for a (much!) more beautiful body to boot.

Zeolite can be taken in liquid form, but I prefer the powder form, which I feel is more natural. Besides, this way you can also use the clay as a very effective face mask. Seriously, this stuff has done wonders for me, and I continue to take a 15 minute clay mask about every other day, or as needed. Used topically, the clay draws toxins from the top layer of the skin, which greatly helps in reducing the formation of new acne spots, and reduces blackheads.

Take 1-3 tablespoon zeolite mixed with water every day (but start out with maybe a teaspoon a day to prevent heavy detox symptoms). Mix 2-3 Tbsp zeolite with 1-2 Tbsp water and leave on the face until completely dry. Throw a few tablespoons in your bath, or take a zeolite footbath!

I wrote about MSM before , mainly about the health benefits when taken orally. However, MSM can be used for beauty in many ways and is touted as one of the best beautifiers by hotties like David Wolfe and Kimberly Snyder.

When taken orally, MSM (powder) is great for skin, hair and nails because it helps with forming collagen and because it detoxifies the body and nourishes the cells. But there’s more! MSM is also available in a lotion, which makes for super soft skin and helps with (acne) scarring. MSM is also great for aging skin, making the skin suppler and more resilient. Last but not least, I love using MSM powder (yes, the same one I add to my holistic skin tonic ), as a facial scrub. Simply mix with some raw honey (see below) or coconut oil and gently scrub your face. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse. Smooth like a baby butt!

Coconut (oil) is a miracle product. When consumed daily, whether that be in the form of milk, meat, oil or butter, it delivers great healthy fats to the body which the skin loves. But used topically it’s a real treat, and real addictive. Use coconut oil as a moisturizer, sunscreen, hair mask, hair serum, body lotion, massage cream and … lubricant (thank me later)!

Coconut oil, like many natural products, has antibacterial and anti-fungus properties and works anti-inflammatory, all attributes which help with acne outbreaks (both with internal and external usage). Coconut oil melts on the skin which makes for a super rich, fluffy cream. Also, the smell is orgasmic. You’ll smell like a tropical paradise all day long… Mix coconut oil with a touch of vanilla (fresh bean or organic, alcohol-free extract) for a real sensational beauty product.

If your skin and hair are prone to being oily/greasy, don’t overdo it though. Coconut oil is better for dry skin, though every skin type benefits from using coconut oil at least a couple times throughout the week.

Raw honey is a true super food. Chockfull of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and, here we go again, strong anti-bacterial properties. Used in every ancient (read: smart) culture for healing and beauty. Raw honey helps heal skin a trillion times faster than on its own, so again great for facial scarring and other cuts and wounds. Good for both dry and acne-prone skin. Honey (raw and organic, this is a must), makes for a great face mask or base for a homemade scrub (mix with MSM, raw cane sugar or himalaya/celtic salt).

Honestly, I didn’t think it mattered much what you put on your skin. I believed diet and lifestyle and, to some extend, genetics, were responsible for the state of your skin. I still believe nutrition (what we eat and maybe even more so, what we don’t eat) and good lifestyle habits (relaxation, yoga, no smoking/alcohol/drugs, plenty of sun exposure, no scratching, etc etc) are the most important factors for clear, glowing, youthful looking skin. However, since I started experimenting with using less to no make-up and switching to all natural beauty products (read: straight from nature), I have seen dramatic improvements in my skin:

Some months ago:

Some weeks ago:

Last week on Ibiza:

(All unedited and completely make-up less, doh)

This has been such an exciting discovery for me that I have decided to write an eBook on natural beauty products and other little known tricks to better skin. The above mentioned ‘products’ are just my favorite, yet there is an abundance of natural products we can utilize to achieve a near perfect complexion. My eBook, ‘Natural Beauty’, will focus on topical products yet I will also include nutrition and lifestyle tips and natural supplements.

 Release date; early November!

In the mean time, here are some more tips for better skin!

What are your favorite all natural beauty products and why? Help me make this the best and most complete book on natural beauty products & skin care ever!

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