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My take on clean(ish) eating. And my love affair with food.

Posted Nov 15 2012 6:00am

Appears courtesy of Phly Fit Mama.

No truer words spoken.

Do men think about these things? What to eat when and how much? I always wonder that. My hubby Doug is one of those blessed mid-30s men who still has washboard abs and can eat bread all day long. Really?

My super-hot and fit hubby who eats whatever he wants (bastard). And doesn’t obsess;)

For years, that was super difficult for me to handle. How can you LOOK like that and eat virtually whatever you WANT?? Well, for him it is a little bit “skinny genes” and a little bit of a non-obsessing attitude. Sorry, but us women broke the mold on obsessive thinking. Am I right? Thought so.

Men don’t obsess (as much).

Women do. (alot)
In case you were wondering, outside of genetic make-up, men typically aren’t worriers, at least not about what they eat. Money, yes. Eating an extra slice of pizza, typically not. Now Doug is healthy. He is very active and athletic and does enjoy eating healthy. He just doesn’t obsess. I used to and there are still days when I do..until I smack myself up the side of the head and get real. WASTE OF TIME.

Its simple, and I wrote about this weeks back in an earlier post, I’ve learned over the years what works for ME, what doesn’t and I really don’t veer off that path too often, because I WILL pay for it, in more than one way. And my friends, it is just not worth it. Not one bit.

I still love food…I just love ME, more.

Done with energy-suckage.

Now I am NOT a certified dietician or food expert, as a formal trade, but I do have mucho experience in over-analyzing what I eat and don’t eat. In fact, I like to think I’ve had a love affair with food for many years. I would crave certain foods SO much, SO intensely, that it was almost erotic. If not erotic, a bit sick, desperate, needy. I was a needy eater. Ha! No, but it was such an emotional relationship for me. A scorching desire for something rich and chocolately (typically something of the dessert family), followed by an inability to control myself….literally, I would taste that first bite of forbidden, edible pleasure and the whole room would go dark and numb. Picture the teacher on Charlie Brown, you could be talking to me and it sounded like “Whaa, whaa, waaaa, whaa.” Oh yeah, it was bad. Followed by HOURS. DAYS. of beating up and dragging down. Terrible, terrible slinking through the mud kind of shame. From a dessert. Yep. Pretty sad. BUT, that sums up my relationship with things I couldn’t have…especially in the food realm of things.

I got over it.

Um yes, I still freakin’ LOVE chocolate (just dark) but it doesn’t control me. I took a huge, proverbial step back from the vicious cycle I was in and realized I had to make some changes. And fast. Or what? Or I’d always be miserable…with a capital M(&M)…couldn’t resist.
I cut it out. Stopped the madness. Quit the crap. Chose a few snacks that were reasonably healthy and that I really, really like and kept those. Threw the rest away. I’ll take my life, consistency and my self worth, thank you very much, and you can have that pan of brownies.

I don’t shoot for perfection or over-kill.

My daily food intake does not look like a bodybuilder’s nor do I want to be one. I think lean and I think healthy and well, not crazy. I don’t do crazy, well. I’ve never been able to stick to things that I didn’t like or that gave me no pleasure. I can’t love food the way I do and eat plain chicken breasts and steamed brussel sprouts. Shoot me now. I need flavor and I need the love. So, that is what I did. I thought about the foods that make me feel crappy about myself or that I know aren’t worth eating and I crossed them off. Goodbye.

Maybe I will see a bite of you here and there over the years, but I’m sorry pizza/cupcakes/processed sh*t, we’re over, done, caput.

I kept bite-size pieces of dark chocolate (two a day), pita chips/blue corn chips and salsa/guac/hummus…because they make me HAPPY and I LOVE them…and, I don’t feel bad eating those because they are my chosen ones.

I truly love omelettes and chicken/fish/pork/meat and veggies – especially if I make them with the dressings I like that are reasonably healthy, but I DO NOT go overboard. I eat an omelette, hold the toast and homefries. It is that simple. And I workout.

Eat this, not that.

For ME, what has worked wonders is cutting out most if not all bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and sweets. This may not be for everyone. I know that clean eating can include stuff like oatmeal, sweet potatoes/yams, healthy carbs. And I DO eat whole wheat pita bread, but that’s about it. To me, I didn’t see results in the pure sense of clean eating and I felt dissatisfied. Instead, I kept the carbs I couldn’t live without (wine, dark chocolate, pita bread/pita chips) and dumped the rest. I get the energy I need and none of the guilt or bloating. Feels like a pretty good balance to me!

What are the clean(ish) eating changes that work for YOU? Share with me your successes and lessons learned!

Tonight’s homework: eat something healthy…but something you look forward to. And have a glass of wine on me!

Relax. Enjoy. You earned it!

Cheers! xxoo

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