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My son is 18

Posted Jun 30 2013 2:12pm
Hard to believe that my son Michael turned 18 years of age on Friday, June 28th. He is officially an "adult" and "legal". Scary to a Mom as reality sets in that he can do whatever he wants when he wants within reason as he is still in High School for at least another year then off to college he shall go.

Michael has been working really hard in Scouts he has just finished his Eagle Project and now has title of Eagle, although he has not had his ceremony as of yet. He has plans to be an Architect and it is what he wants to study in college. He has visited Iowa State with his Dad and also has visited UC Daap with Mom. He has not made any decisions which one he will attend but is looking at both of them.

I am so very proud of my son, he has been through a lot in his young life and he has pulled himself up and keeps on going. Life has not always been fair to him due to our circumstances, but I feel that he has a better sense of finances and respects people regardless of their "life status". He knows what it is like to not have much and he sees others who have things growing up who are absolutely disrespectful and expect everything handed to them.

He currently works a summer job (second year) at Loveland Bike Rental. He loves it so much and has done very well there. He also has become a miniature version of his Dad. He is another cyclist who loves to ride and race and I imagine will be doing much more racing as the summer goes on. 

His grades are very good and his gpa is above a 3.0 with honors classes. Smart (alec) kid! :) Mom and Dad will take the credit for his intelligence.

He loves to read...literary thank God for that!

I have taught him well on the things in life he needed to learn such as cooking, laundry and cleaning. My philosophy is one day he will be on his own and Mom won't be around to help. Now if only I could get him to put the dirty laundry in the wash hamper so Henry (our spoiled white, Persian) will not urinate on his clothing! 

He now has been dating a sweet and lovely girl for 8 months. It is so refreshing to see young couples together in love. She baked him a cake for his birthday and oh that was so very wonderful, yet if I baked him a cake he would say "what's the point, it is just another day?" 

The mind of a young adult (still teenager in Mom's eyes) is interesting as their brains are still developing. Often times he will be sitting on his bed with his laptop and earphones on talking on skype and I look him and wonder what is going through that head of his...then again maybe I don't want to know.

In a nutshell my little baby is now a fine, young man. He is a success so far and will continue down the road to success with the goals of a good career, life, and family someday including his cycling which is a huge part of his life now and will be for life.

Congratulations and a Happy 18th Birthday to you. I will always love you more than you know forever always.

Thank you for being my one and only son.

Love you always,

Mommy (Yes I said it!) :)
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