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My Sleep Is Restful And Rejuvenating

Posted Apr 17 2012 5:02pm

My Sleep Is Restful & Rejuvenating

Each night as I lay in bed, I close my eyes and allow peace to flow through my body like a serene brook. Restful sleep comes easily to me because my mind is free from stress.



At the end of the day, I give up all my fears. I release myself from worrisome thoughts. With all my might, I embrace the hand of safety, which carries me through the night.

I fall asleep quickly without incessant tossing or turning. My sleep is profound and rejuvenating. In the morning, I wake up feeling refreshed because I have had plenty of deep rest.

For a couple of hours before going to bed, I avoid stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, and sugary foods, as well as the computer and television. I eat dinner at least two hours before bed to give my stomach a chance to settle and my food a chance to digest.

My bedtime ritual includes a few moments of relaxation prior to going to bed. I listen to soft music, read a book, or listen to a relaxation CD.

My sleep environment encourages me to relax and sleep. The temperature in my home is comfortable. My pillow, mattress, and bedding are perfect for my needs. I adjust the lighting in my room to keep it dark.

Today, I choose to take time setting my room up for a better night’s sleep. I focus my mind on pleasant thoughts and allow my mind to drift off peacefully.

  • Do I feel comfortable in my bed?
  • What can I adjust in my sleeping environment so I can sleep better?
  • Why is it important to watch what I eat before bed?

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