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My skin care routine II

Posted Jan 20 2011 12:00am

In the last post , I showed products that I use in a daily basis. Today I will show you others that complement the basic routine and things that I learned recently.

I know… this might be shocking, but this is actually my current stock of masks :shock:


this is a new brand of masks from Taiwan that many friends recommended to me.


assorted masks that I had for a while (I remember to buy them, but can’t remember to use them :( )


others parts of our body is important too. During winter time, my hands get very dry. So I apply constantly hand creams. My favorite brand is Crabtree & Everlyn but I just got some new brands too :) I’ll let u know how I like them.


body lotion is MANDATORY!!! Seriously! I used to shower and done with it and during winter my skin gets very dry and flaky. Now, I religiously apply (massaging it) generous amount of lotion after shower (in the sauce if I’m at the gym). It takes <10 min and it makes a huge difference. My skin now is smooth, moistured and even silky :)


Breakout before “that time” is hard to beat. I started using a BHA gel to see if it helps. Lip care is important too. I apply a thick layer before bed.


My recent research on skin care is based on internet and Paula’s books. I read these two in < 24 hs!!! :shock:


These two books are very useful. They provide great information about skincare industry, products reviews and common mistakes that we make. Now, before I think buying some products, I consult

Things that I learned:

  • knowing your skin type is #1 Must! If you have combination skin, don’t buy products that say it’s for combination skin because it does not exist!!! Use different products for you U and T zones.
  • skin type is dynamic, so don’t use the same products for winter and summer. Be observant of your skin and give it what it needs.
  • be gentle to your skin. Never use products that you sting your skin.
  • sunscreen is the #1 and probably the only anti-aging product that truly works.
  • Use products with antioxidants, they can prevent and reduce oxidative damage that destroys the skin’s function.
  • spend some time everyday on your skin. It’s important to massage the skin when you apply the products so they can go deeper to the skin and not just on the surface.

Q: What’s your skin care tip?

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