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My Running Wear

Posted Mar 01 2012 12:00am

I know that running performance is never about the gear you wear, but today I wanted to share my favourite running outfit with you.

Before I even start let me be 100%  honest with you. I believe that it is really important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, and even my primary objective when I buy sportswear is comfort, over brands and style. Sometimes, I will buy cheap t-shirts, and cut off the sleeves, because I want something that is 100% cotton, long and loose with no sleeves. I am 100% about being comfortable!  So, if I were to give you any recommendation about the best running wear or sportswear, my advice would be, go with something you feel comfortable in.

That said, here is my favourite running outfit at the moment from head to toe!



If you have read my post about my favourite sports bras you will know that I am in love with my Champion seamless racer back sports bra. It is so comfortable, soaks up all the sweat and keeps it off my skin. Most importantly it offers great support during high impact sports like running and basketball. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, this bra was a total bargain, costing me a lot less than all my other branded sports bras in my draw. You can buy this sports bra from Target

Seamless Racer Back Sports Bra by Champion


Over my sports bra I wear a simple snug not tight fitted cotton t-shirt.  I do not like the t-shirts that are not cotton, I dislike the silky polyester t-shirts that most companies sell. I bought one I never wear it! I like a nice light cotton that hugs my body. I bought my t-shirts for $5.00 each from a normal clothing shop. I have two in black, one in white and another in bright pink.  I also have two long sleeve tees that I use when the weather is a bit more chilly.


I bought my first windbreaker 7 years ago. It was on sale and I thought it looked nice, at the time I didn’t think much more of it. Little did I know that nowadays I will not go for a run without a windbreaker. I only replaced my first windbreaker a couple of months ago, when I found this awesome pink one on sale in the UK.

A couple of important things to consider about windbreakers would be making sure it is wind proof and water resistant.  Having a light weight wind breaker is also good. I also find having reflectors on the arms and back a really great quality, seeing that my runs do take me onto roads sometimes and like this people can see me at night. Apart from that, since I got my new jacket I have become more appreciative of the hood and the couple of extra pockets the jacket offers. I’m going to feel lost when summer comes and I no longer need my windbreaker. I will end up having to use my armband to keep all my knick knacks; when I have the jacket on I just don’t need it.

My old Nike windbreaker

My new Nike windbreaker

I have actually come across two other windbreakers that I really like in my online adventures of looking for random sportswear, this would be the Nike Cyclone Vapor Jacket , which come in these really funky colours, and the ASICS Reflector jacket which comes in this really vibrant red colour. Shop Running Jackets at!!



Right now I’m still in my winter wear and this year I invested in a pair of long leg skinning running leggings. I have had mixed feeling about most of my capri leggings because I’m forever putting them up, but thankfully I can say that my Nike running full leg leggings, stay up and stay comfy. The drawstring at the waist helps they keep up and the zips at the ankles double up and reflectors which as I mentioned above a really useful. The fabric is soft  and even though they are a bit more shiny that I would normally prefer, they are really comfortable. I will say this though, they were expensive, but considering the amount I use them, I think they were a good investment. You get get something similar called the Nike Swift tight from eastbay for about $140.  Free Shipping when you spend $75 at! Use code LKS12375. Valid 2/26 – 3/31. 


My Nike Running Leggings


Honestly nowadays the least of my problems. Since I’ve started running in my VIVOBAREFOOT evoII I no longer need special socks to run it, right now I am using a very thin ankle sock, I think they are Umbro. Prior to my Evo’s the best socks I had were bonds socks . This is an Australian brand. The cotton is supper soft and the quality is excellent they last me forever.



I have recently started using running in VIVOBAREFOOT evo II , you will find a lot of related posts and videos about these shoes on this blog in fact. Prior to my Evo’s II was running in Nike, my partner has the new Nike Free Run + 2 , and he finds them really light and extremely comfortable as well.

Evo II - vivobarefoot ladies trainers


There are NO musts in sportswear, clothes are not going to make you faster, fitter, of thinner! If you feel comfortable in the plainest of tshirts and sweat pants then that is what works for you.

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