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My Running Essentials

Posted Oct 09 2012 5:15pm
When I run there are 5 running essentials that are with me on every run.

When I started off running in 2004 it was, because of my Nike + shoes.  I liked knowing how far I went.  That motivated me.   1 full marathon and 6 half marathons later I still like knowing how far I'm going.  I also like knowing how fast I'm going.

Before my running essentials list, let's play a fun game.  Caption this
Fit2Flex Running Essentials:
1. Good Quality Running Shoes
If you're taking on serious miles, I think quality running shoes are important.

In Orlando I buy my shoes at Track Shack .  I like the personal attention and fitting time they give.  The most important thing they taught me is that running shoes aren't about color.  You need the shoes that fit you best and not the shoes that look the best.
Unintentionally I've always run in Asics.  I like the stability of Asics.  I ran in Nike Free's for a bit and ended up like this.
I'm back to Asics and it's recommended to change your shoes every 300 or so miles.

2. My Garmin
My Garmin changed my running life.  Really.

Pre-Garmin I had no idea of my pacing.  I would just run and guestimate my pace since the Nike + was off at that time.  I'm an analytical person and the Garmin gives me the data I crave.  I would rather run in silence without water then without my Garmin.  I'm that girl.
I have the older Garmin Forerunner 305 and it would make my day to get the sleek new PINK Garmin ForeRunner 10, however mine is still plugging along and until it's not I'll be frugal.  Unless you'd like to spoil me with an early birthday gift.  Spoil away.
 If you're new to running and training for your first long race, if possible an investment in a Garmin could help your training and motivation.  It will give you your mile splits, current pace, average pace, calories, as well as let you "race" against your goal.

3. SPI belt
I love my SPI belt .  It stays in place, it stretches, and it holds my giant droid phone.  Pre-spi belt I stuffed my phone and running fuel in my sports bra.  It was classy and a little odd looking.
I also have an IFitness belt that I use at work, however since the SPIbelt stretches I find that it holds more and it superior for my long runs.

4. Sport Beans
Sport Beans with caffeine are my 6+ mile run fuel of choice.  I've tried gels and gu's and the jelly beans are the perfect size for me.  When I reach that 6 mile point I can totally feel the sugar boost I get.  If you're running for over 60 minutes it's important to take some kind of fuel.  Even sugar cubes, dried fruit, or fruit leather will work.  It's all about personal preference and this is mine.

5. Nuun Hydration
I send up a tiny thank you prayer after every run for Nuun hydration.  Having my post-run Nuun pink lemonade helps keep me hydrated and recover faster after my runs.  I look forward to the sweet taste once I step inside the house.  I have found that Gatorade on runs can cause some distress, so Nuun is the perfect compliment for me.
One of these things is faster than the other one.
Other "essentials" for me include
  • Sunglasses
  • Headband (I like sweatybands)
  • Zensah compression sleeves and socks
  • Foam roller

What are your running essentials?

Love and Pre,
Carissa & Kyle

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