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My road trip to health

Posted Aug 10 2009 4:32pm

Road Trip

It’s no wonder so many people have a difficult time getting and staying on their road to a healthy and happy life. They embark on their journey unprepared, uneducated and ultimately unmotivated.

Only once you’ve prepared and educated yourself on the steps and efforts necessary to travel your route to health, and you still want to, can you call yourself motivated.

Many times before I actually made a plan to get healthy, I started a workout routine or eating plan and failed because I didn’t realize the effort that was required of me. I had big dreams and I wanted rewards – now. I wanted to lose five pounds a week and thought that grapefruit and coffee was a balanced diet. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing any results.

Only once I realized that I had to put some thought into my health, did I realize that this wasn’t going to be easy, this wasn’t going to happen over night and this was just the beginning in a life long journey.

It sounds a little daunting doesn’t it?


I admit, at times it does strike me as a never-ending battle. But that’s because it is. It is hard work to get healthy and it is hard work to maintain your health. That is why being healthy and fit is desirable. If it was easy to have a fit body and fantastic cardiovascular health, everyone would and we’d all be looking for a bigger challenge.

I don’t consider my life long journey to maximum health and fitness daunting anymore. It excites me to think that I have my entire life to work towards being the best possible me – my ultimate goal.

It’s a long term, vague goal. In the meantime I set specific short-term challenges for myself. They constantly change the direction of my route. But I’m sure that the best possible me will be waiting at the end.

I’m in no rush. I work at it everyday – at my own pace.

I’ve seen tremendous improvements in both my physical and emotional state since I started my journey and that was only a few years ago. Imagine what I can accomplish in the next five – 15 – 25 years! Maybe my body will be able to run a marathon, maybe I’ll finally get those chiseled abs I’ve been dreaming about.

I don’t know what the best possible me looks or feels like, but I know that the possibilities, like the journey – are endless! 

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