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My Road Trip Pledge

Posted Jul 22 2011 7:00am

P1010089 My Road Trip Pledge

P1010089 thumb My Road Trip Pledge

Tomorrow, my little family of three is heading down to the Oregon Coast for a summer vacation amongst the dunes!!!

The plan is to take our time going up and down the Coast, maybe even making into Northern California. The Husband and I are super excited! But believe it or not, the most excited one amongst the bunch will be Daisy – she absolutely loves digging around in the sand!!!

P1010207 thumb My Road Trip Pledge

Since this vacation is road trip and camping based we decided it was absolutely vital that we come up with a pledge to make sure we keep on the healthy track!

So without further ado . . .

I Solemnly Pledge To . . .

1) Bring a portable BBQ and cooler to cook as many meals as possible

2) Avoid fast food restaurants at all costs

3) Choose restaurants (or preferably food stands) that allow us to taste the fresh bounties of the Oregon coast

4) Incorporate hiking into our activities

5) Take long walks on the beach, thereby working my lower body while enjoying the view at the same time

6) Stop as often as possible, even if it’s only to stretch and do a little road-side yoga

7) Avoid grazing (even though its tempting on a long car trip)

icon cool My Road Trip Pledge Try new products that we can’t find in Canada (Justin’s Almond Butter, I’m looking at you)

9) Enjoy the journey

10) Relax, breathe deep, and love every moment with my little family of three! wlEmoticon redheart My Road Trip Pledge

P1010203 thumb My Road Trip Pledge

Be sure to come back next week to read my scheduled posts! Plus, if I find Wi-Fi I’ll be sure to blog from the road!

Happy trails friends . . .

Question: Have you ever been to the Oregon Coast? Any recommendations? What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach?

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