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My Puddin’ & More

Posted Mar 21 2011 4:00am

Happy Monday, Gals N’ Guys


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty productive. Friday was amazing. Massage was the best I’ve had in a while. Not sure if it’s because I was SO overdue, or because my body has been so tight and needing it…nonetheless, it was superb.

I pretty much spent the whole weekend treating myself to things. It’s been a while. Now that I am entering my ninth month, it’s becoming more and more real that it’s NOT going to be about me anymore…ever. That’s a little dramatic, but you guys know what I mean. This was my excuse.


Before my massage, after my AM clients on Friday I squeezed in a little shoe shopping:

I was trying on some really HOTT looking heels. However, I almost toppled over a few times in them. So I went with some adorable wedges instead. * Morgan , was totally thinking of your stiletto 8 month preggo bushes story when I made this decision ;-)


Saturday morning I spent some time cleaning, then Michael and I both went to the gym. I got in a really good workout. 30 minutes of cardio, and a back/biceps workout. I felt really good in there. I was more out of breath when I was vacuuming my house…weird. Maybe I shouldn’t be cleaning these days ;-)


I went to Whole Foods for a salad, but really for my latest obsession:

Vegan Chocolate Pudding from the Salad Bar.


Yes, I could probably just make this myself, but that would require work. Wasn’t really feeling it.

I did add strawberries though:

Mmmm, Mmmm, Good.


The most productive, non selfish thing I did all weekend was bang out a few credits for Continuing ED for ACE through IDEA Fit. I was on a roll.

learned a few interesting things that I’ll share with you all soon :-)



Saturday Night we had a Supermoon :

“The last full Moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March of 1993,” says Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC.

Who got a look?

I tried to take a pic of i with my camera, but was too lazy to set up the tripod. That and by the time I thought about it I was in a robe and PJ’s fresh out of the shower, so I had to try and take pics quick before my neighbors saw me ;-)


Munchkin was so concerned about me going outside in my robe with a semi-wet head. He was all worried in our foyer anxiously awaiting me to come in.

Then he sat by the door looking like “don’t you go out there again, Missy”


Sunday morning I realized I was COMPLETELY out of ALL my nut milk. Hemp, Almond and Brazil. Geez, I guess it’s the broken juicer and more smoothie making that’s done it. I had exactly 1 cup of Brazil Nuts left, so I decided to make another delicious batch :




It was the first time I had it in my oats. I usually make them with water, then add some milk at the end to sweeten it, instead of adding any kind of sugar. I of course, forgot to take pics, but I just threw in some blackberries, my usually almond butter melt right when it’s done cooking, chia seeds, then drenched it in brazil nut milk. So, so good.

My mother in law came over to finish painting our French Doors, and I still hadn’t decided on a shower dress. Even though she was using Low VOC paint, I still didn’t want to stick around all day. I was really not looking to spend my Sunday inside. So my mom and I hit up the King of Prussia mall in search of a dress for my shower.

I previously showed you guys a couple I picked out. And, I said how I wish I could morph the two (a pink on in a fun print in the satiny material). Guess what, I found a dress that morphed both. But I hated it on me. Bought it, returning it. The length is not flattering at all. It’s like too long, but awkward long.

I found this one online, and it was exactly what I was thinking I wanted. Sweetheart top, A-line, pink, mid-thigh:

This is a maternity dress from Pickles and Ice Cream . The site only had one size left, and it’s too big. So I printed this out and figured I would bring it to the mall. It didn’t even have to be maternity. Just A-line, flowy material and I could go with a bigger size than I normally would. You think at one of the biggest malls in the US I would find SOMETHING similar to this. Nope. The only thing that was cute that we found kind of like this (but WAY dressier) was $400. when we looked at the price tag in Lord and Taylor. No thank you. This was when my mom ventured from the sale racks and held it up with excitement before looking at the price.

I was exhausted, frustrated, and ready to have a preggo hissy fit. I wasn’t setting foot in Pea In The Pod, because I was so desperate at that point  who knows what would have happened. I just couldn’t afford to let things happen, if you know what I mean.

My mom suggested we just look in the Motherhood store, even though I was in there at my local mall and saw nothing,. It’s usually all things that are SO not my taste. I also knew there was NO way they would have a strapless dress. However I gave in and said we would go there and after make a last stop at Bloomies to see if they had anything on sale close to what I wanted.

Surprisingly, I found a dress! Totally NOT what I was looking for (clearly), and I don’t even think it looks cute on the rack, but trust me, I loved it on (you will all see it after this coming weekend on me):

Not pink, but I plan to find some chunky, pretty colored pink earrings and bracelet, and paint my toes and nails Fuji Pink (this dress is champagne colored, you can’t really tell in the pic). It’s WAY more flattering than the other two I showed, and dressier looking. it’s made for a preggo body, which is better than me just buying something bigger in regular people clothes.

It goes perfectly with my new shoes too.

While we were there my mom bought me a pair of nursing pajamas for the hospital (and after):

very comfy.

I said to her on the way home, if we had went to the maternity store first I would have NEVER bought that dress. It took me going to every store (from Forever 21 to Charlotte Russe, to Urban Outfitters, Arden B to  Lord & Taylor and everything in between) to realize that I am starting my 9th month. I need to buy maternity. It is what it is. No one had my style either. I bet I will see that dress EVERYWHERE after Ella is born. I mean, I have a few in my pre-preggo size that would ear immediately if I even attempted to wear them ;-)


That’s MY  “all about Laury” weekend. Now I better get to work to make up for it ;-)


What did you do for yourself this past weekend?





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