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My Pregnancy ~ Second Trimester

Posted Mar 16 2011 4:00am

The Zombie-like state ended. A new-found energy began…

The Second Trimester: Weeks 13-27 aka

My Honeymoon Trimester….


me at about 15 weeks


A whole lot of changes happened in those 3 1/2 months.


Once 13 or 14 weeks hit I finally started feeling myself again, but better. I never felt more beautiful, amazing, healthy in my life! I feel blessed that this happened. The days of napping for 7 hours and sleeping through the night for 8 more were over. I felt amazing! I felt good about my body, unlike in the first trimester. The “glow” showed up and so did a tiny pooch that started to pop as the weeks went on.


My appetite came back and food no longer disgusted me. I did get in enough calories during my first trimester, despite feeling nauseous (sneaking them in with high calorie smoothies). My boobs stopped hurting, Michael was able to hug me again. Finally, I no longer would fall asleep the minute I laid down to  catch up on the DVR.

When I entered the second trimester I was even more conscious about my nutrition. Beet juice became a love of mine. Was it the fact that I knew how many pregnancy-friendly vitamins were in it? Was I craving it because I knew that, or because my body knew it? Either way I couldn’t get enough of it.  Don’t get my wrong, I had some not-so healthy cravings too. Just not very often (until the brief cookie craze I will tell  you about soon).

My new-found energy had me back in the gym regularly. During the first trimester I was still in there 3 days a week or so, however I was just dragging 2 out of the 3 or 4 times I went. In the beginning weeks I was able to still do a lot. However, as the weeks went on it was so strange to literally see my leg muscles fatigue SO much after 1 set of lunges and 1 set of squats. I really started to notice that my body physically couldn’t do what it did before. This was really strange for me. There were a few episodes at the gym where I went in feeling very strong, did my cardio, and started my weights and got dizzy or really hot. I had to go sit down, drink a lot of water and leave early This made me re-assess my workouts and really tone them down. This has perhaps contributed to not being able to maintain a lot of my muscle? But I listened to my body and did what felt best.

There’s a girl at my gym that I became friendly with who is probably the most fit pregnant women in the entire world. Not even kidding. Her pregnancy workouts put my pre-pregnancy workouts to shame. She has the body of a gymnast and a tiny bump. I am about 14 weeks ahead of her now..but looking back on when I was as pregnant as her, seriously, puts me to shame. However, it’s not about comparisons. It just goes to show you that we all have a different experience. Although I feel a smidgen bad about myself when I see her how hard she still works, and how she has lost ZERO muscle tone (and I have lost a lot). I know I am still doing good. I am working hard for me. I still feel fit. She was complaining to me about how she was feeling about herself. Goes to show you that we are all our own worst critics.

I was doing no criticizing in my second trimester though. It was mostly good times :-)


The MOST anticipating and exciting part was getting to that 20 week ultrasound where we found out the sex of the baby! Then waiting until Christmas to surprise our family ! Before that time was going SO slow. I could not WAIT. Then after that, the rest of my pregnancy has flown. I imagine that the last few weeks will be as slow as those few weeks in the beginning.


I felt my belly really started to pop around the time of my cousins wedding :

20 weeks preggo


Although, I found out later that no one even really knew I was pregnant. My friends boyfriend that I just met at the wedding saw me like 3 weeks later and was like “wait, you didn’t have that at the wedding?” The groomsmen I walked with down this huge staircase had no idea until someone told him “you better be careful walking her down the steps she’s pregnant.” I was highly disappointed because I became SO proud of my bump. I call this time period the  hyper-extending my back period.  As a trainer, I would cringe seeing a person do this all the time. I just couldn’t help it though….I wanted the world to know! Case and point in the picture above ;-)


Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies I made for X-mas and enjoyed for days and days with my beet juice ;-)


After my cousins wedding, as the holidays approached, my appetite increased A LOT! Not sure if it was a sugar cycle when I started baking for the holidays, or what, but man I could EAT! Still having a lot of healthy home made juice, and eating healthy foods….but the cookie eating began. And it didn’t stop until after New Years. I was always SO hungry. Weird how that went away a little over time. Either that or I got used to it. I think overall I wasn’t really overeating too much, still working out, just hungry. There were times I could not WAIT to finish my workout because I was so ravenous. This has definitely calmed down since, even in my third trimester, surprisingly.

when I really popped @ 23 weeks….or maybe it was the cookies ;-)


All in all, I can’t complain about my second trimester. I feel so lucky that I had this experience. My mom was sick with me all 9 months. My sister in law told me that the extreme fatigue she got in the beginning never went away. I also know people who were put on bed rest at 14 weeks. In my personal experience, I was blessed that I was able to workout as much as I did. I ate well and felt good. My mood was actually BETTER during pregnancy than it was before! My husband wants me pregnant all the time, haha. He tells me I have never been nicer to him in my life (I think he exaggerates. I was prob nicest when we were just starting to date lol). Honestly though, I haven’t been moody, emotional, crazy ( much). I seriously worry that the second this baby comes out I am going to just be a seaof emotions. A total hormonal mess. I would actually put money on it. Watch. Because during this pregnancy I’ve had maybe a couple bouts of emotions, but nothing extreme. I think there were months where my period made me crazier than I have been during pregnancy. I’m a freak, I know. It’s not rare though. I’ve heard other women say the same thing. Then there are others who are completely emotional all the time. That will be me this May, I will cry when my smoothie doesn’t look green enough. Stay tuned for that ;-)

about 25  weeks give or take


Highlights of the 2nd Trimester:

Getting back my energy

Began Prenatal Yoga but barely looked pregnant. I had bump envy in the beginning ;-)

Finally feeling better about myself when I thought I started to show, as opposed to just looking like I packed on a few (I know you other moms can relate to that)

Started feeling “fluttering” (movement) around 16 weeks

Started feeling ‘popcorn popping” (aka baby kicks) about 19 weeks!

Finding out the sex at 21 weeks

Surprising our family with the gender cake at Christmas



My skin thought I was 16 again. The breakouts and oily skin began. Oat masks were used often.

There was still a lot of time to go. But I was enjoying the pregnancy so it was OK.

No sympathy because I felt so good and still looked fit. Again, would rather feel good than get sympathy…just wish I could have both :/



This was my experience in a nutshell. Hope you have enjoyed following the journey thus far!


*Coming up….my 3rd trimester part I. The honeymoon is ova!*


Mom’s….did you find your second trimester was the “honeymoon trimester?”


All….do you want a cookie? I can maybe arrange that for yah ;-)



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