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My Pregnancy Journal: Week 35

Posted Mar 26 2013 10:51pm
Posted in: Pregnancy

Someone pinch me.  Am I really only 5 weeks away from having Baby Binns in these arms of mine?

This post was originally titled “My Pregnancy Journal: Week 31” as it was intended to be a consecutive post to my 30th week update …yet the weeks slid right by and I’m 4 weeks late (hopefully this baby is NOTHING like its mother and comes on time!).

I’ve heard that women should tone things down in the weeks leading up to their due date, but “slowing down” isn’t in my vocabulary.  My life has become more hectic (in a good way), especially with school 3 nights a week.  Yes, I’m a nut and decided to pile on the workload just before I pop.  So, the random thoughts below are a consolidated view of the last month instead of one week.

I’ve injected a few photos that Keith took of me in our soon-to-be nursery at 35 weeks (eight and a half months) pregnant.

What surprised me:

  • Waking up in the middle of the night to pee is common during pregnancy.  Thankfully, Baby Binns has been kind to my bladder and I can only count on one hand (maybe two) how many times I’ve woken up to visit the bathroom.
  • The past few weeks however, I have been waking up in the middle of the night, but not to pee - I’m completely wide eyed for NO reason at all, which is more irritating (at least with peeing, you wake up with purpose).  I guess my body is preparing itself for what’s to come when Baby Binns arrives.
  • I expected to feel as though I’d been hit by a truck at this stage of pregnancy – exhausted, lazy, uncomfortable.  The good news is that I still feel fantastic – so much energy I can’t sit still, and pretty comfortable considering the belly in front (albeit a tiny one).
  • The weight is still sloooowly coming on.  I’ve now gained 15 pounds ( up 3 pounds from my last update ), which requires a whole other post in itself.  All this time I thought I was doing things right:  working out regularly, eating super healthy, and eating until satiated.   Well, this mamma-to-be needs to change that strategy and start packing on the weight.   You’ll find out why in my next post.

What I’m thrilled about:

  • On the average day (when I’m not pregnant), I lose wads of hair.  Seriously, I’m surprised I haven’t gone bald by now.   Although, since I’ve had Baby Binns hanging out inside my belly, my hair has looked healthy, more voluminous (if I might say so myself) and it’s staying on my head!  I may lose a few strands, if any at all.   Keith is a happy man with no clogged showers or sinks.
  • Maternity pants rock!  That expandable belly that accompanies each pair is fricken fabulous and so darn comfortable.  After the birth, I have no intention of packing them away.  You can bet I’ll be throwing on a pair for our IHN nutrition potlucks .  So much better than having to undo the button of your jeans.
  • We are saving a few bucks on our heating bill.  Prior to pregnancy, I was always uncomfortably cold in the winter.  This year however, has been a breeze.  My elevated body temperature has kept me nice and toasty (not the reason I am barely covered in these photos:)).  I’ll have to take note for the next pregnancy to time that properly and avoid the summer months. 

What I could do without:

  • The closer I get to my due date, the more I lose control of my limbs.   It’s not uncommon to see food fly off the counter, glasses spilt, things kicked, or even worse, me falling down the stairs (I did it AGAIN the other week).  I’m a walking disaster and I have bruises and broken glasses to show for it.  I know pregnancy throws off your balance, but this is getting ridiculous!
  • I’ve had three mild encounters with acid reflux, where the symptoms surface for 30 minute or so, then vanish.  This is hardly anything to complain about in comparison to the frequency in which other pregnant women deal with it.  I just drink loads of water until the heart burn fades and avoid antacids.  Why?  Well, products like Tums alkalize our stomach acid (however low stomach acid is often the problem in the first place), and they reduce our ability to absorb iron (an important mineral in pregnancy).

What I’m eating:

  • Apples, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Jerusalem Artichokes - What do all of these foods have in common?  They are all locally harvested and available at the winter markets.  Since I do most of my grocery shopping at the farmer’s market they have become a staple in my diet this season.
  • Sesame Seed Butter - For the calcium content and it’s a good substitute for almond butter.  I eat almonds in some form everyday, especially almond butter.  My fear is that this excess intake will turn into an allergy for Baby Binns.
  • Molasses – For the iron content and other minerals.  Even though it’s a sweetener it takes some getting used to.
  • Kale, Mustard Greens, Sprout Salads, Collard Greens - Every week I experiment with different greens from Kind Organics or Cookstown Greens .  Not particularly because I’m craving them but because I know they are packed with goodness and Baby Binns needs the nutrients to get to get big and strong.  Just like Popeye ;)   I still haven’t renewed my love for kale since getting pregnant, but my friends haven’t forgotten about my former love.  I received not one, but TWO onesies like the one above.

  • Goat/sheep milk yogurt - Whether it’s with fruit, chia, or homemade granola, this is my dessert substitute.  Better than ice cream, right!  I was dairy-free for a few years but reintroduced it into my diet when I was 6 months pregnant.  There were very few foods I was interested in eating, and oddly dairy was one of them.  I know the foods we crave are often a reflection of lacking minerals/vitamins, so I followed my heart and tummy.  Rest assured that I’m sourcing it from only the best and local sources (I pick up a container of Ewenity sheep’s yogurt or Crosswind Farm goat’s milk yogurt every other Saturday at Brickworks Farmers Market ).


What I’m reading:

  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth :  This is a two-part book by Ina May, a pioneer in the field of midwifery. It includes inspiring birth stories as well as advice on how to experience a natural childbirth.  I couldn’t resist adding this to my pile of “must-reads”.  After all, it’s a book been recommended by a few of the new and amazing mothers I know like Sarah Bester (by the way, you should check out her blog  for tips on how to incorporate healthy foods into your children’s lives).
  • Sprout Right :  This is simple read for anyone who is looking for nutritional guidance during conception and birth, through to the toddler years.  It provided some great tips to ensure I was getting enough nutrients during pregnancy, and will also be a great reference once Baby Binns is born (possibly a good read while breastfeeding or during nap time).

What makes me chuckle:

  • This belly!  I often forget about my new body shape, particularly this protruding stomach which keeps getting in the way.  And because of this…

There you have it.  My eight month of pregnancy in a post!

CrossFitter in the morning. Marketer by day. Nutritionist by night. Foodie all day long. Danielle gives you a glimpse into her paleo and primal lifestyle with recipes (gluten and dairy free), restaurant reviews (searching for the healthiest spots in Toronto), fitness and nutrition tips. Hope you're hungry!
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