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My Pokemon Has A Runners High!

Posted Mar 20 2010 7:58am

Today I decided to go for my first long run of 2010!  I did 10 miles, and surprisingly I havnt lost much endurance over the winter! Whoopi! The run went very swell, it was bright, sunny, and I brought a new toy with me running!

At school I started seeing lots of people carry around a Pokemon like game thing. I asked some people what it was, and they said the new Pokemon game Solesilver, and Heartgold comes with a pedometer, as it can level your pocket monsters as you walk!

Being a fitness fanatic and all I thought why not! A video game I can dominate at! So I ended up buying the Solesilver version right after school.

And took it with me on todays 10 mile run! 19,910 steps for running 10 miles. 35,975 in all, since Friday. What a fun game! Its so smart to create a video game kids love, and make exercise part of the leveling process! However I’m not a total Pokemon freak now, I once was when I was littler, this brings back memories!

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