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My Philosophy on Kayaking

Posted Jun 19 2011 4:22pm
Sorry it's been a while. It's been a busy couple of weeks.. I finished my internship and am now one step closer to becoming a registered dietitian! All I have left is to pass the registration exam. It's a good feeling to be finished.. Although unemployment is not the greatest feeling :)

Since I have lots of free time now, I've been able to enjoy some new experiences that I didn't have time for during the internship. For example, I went kayaking last week out at a lake. We had a two hour rental for the kayaks, and the first hour was wonderful. We were going with the current, the waves, and the wind. We had a relaxing drift out to the middle of the lake and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the water. After the first hour, one of the girls I was with thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and start to make our way back in, then we could just float and relax until our time to turn in the kayaks. That sounds wonderful, had it actually have been the case. I kid you not, as soon as we turned our kayaks around to head back in, the wind picked up, the waves got bigger, and the current pushed against our kayaks with a force greater than my own strength. I had not realized, until this point, how far away we were from our starting point, our destination. It's funny how easily we can drift away from where it is we need to be or want to be. I'm sure you are wondering how it turned out. Let me tell you, I've never felt so much desperation in my life. I literally thought they would need to bring out a boat to pull us in. We later found out the wind gusts we were paddling against were Over 30 mph. Maybe that doesn't seem that strong to you, but I was struggling! But we made it! One hour of strenuous, exhausting paddling against the wind, waves, and current, we made it safely to shore. Some (me) a little more burned out than the others :)

As I was trying to maintain my sanity while using every muscle in my body to make it to shore, I was thinking about how that experience resembles life for us all, in a couple ways in particular. First, as I mentioned before, it is so easy for us to drift away from our destination point, our place where we are meant to be, where we find purpose and can feel that we are led to. If we don't constantly remain focused on that point, if we don't continually redirect our lives, our kayaks, to this place, we will drift away. And coming back is always much harder than the drifting. Once we figure out what it is that we are made to do, who we are created to be, we need to continue to keep our eyes on this, whatever it may be. We may drift away because of laziness, selfish ambition, distractions, tough life situations... But only until you find purpose in you life will you consequently find contentment. Next, I realized how we try to do everything on our own and how much this takes a toll on our bodies. Granted, I would have not argued had someone offered to help me, but how often in life do we attempt to make changes, pursue goals, and accomplish things without allowing anyone to help us out? In the end, yes, we feel accomplished, but how much stress and discouragement could we have avoided had we allowed someone to help us out, whether it be through encouragement, support, delegation of responsibilities, or help in any other way. We weren't made to do life alone. Allow others to enter your life and provide support that may make all the difference.

I'm laughing at the whole situation now, but I can tell you I was not laughing as I was paddling and honestly feeling like I was not moving an inch. Life is tough sometimes, but we make it through. We live, we learn. We make mistakes, we change, we do the best with what we are given. You only have one life. Don't waste it drifting away from your point of purpose and avoiding relationships that could help ease the load of life's experiences.
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