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My passion and I

Posted May 09 2013 2:25pm


I’m a health education specialist in disease prevention, disease management, health education and promotion who leads a healthy lifestyle and pursues health advocacy as a goal.   I would like to share knowledge and information as it pertains to a leading a healthy lifestyle.   Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy in today’s world with fast-pace life, family, extracurricular activities/hobbies, and work that can make a quick stop at a local fast food more feasible….but it’s NOT GOOD for you.   Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional burger (real beef) but moderation is key…and if at all possible or make it possible, substitute certain ingredients for healthier ones such as mustard than mayo, wheat bun than white, etc….   I am a mom of three children; married to a wonderful husband, busy with family life, my work, and I make time for physical activity mostly running.   I have ran two 26.2 marathons and 1 half-marathon and during my 20’s ran anywhere from 31-36 miles per week.   My last two children who are now 5 and 2 have slowed me down a lot but this year, 2013; I have started running more…longer…and am attempting another marathon this November.   I would like to start a blog in the near future about my health advocacy, running, and how to fit that in with family and work life.   Happy reading and I also hope to obtain much needed knowledge/tips/wisdom from you!!!

~Raquel H., MPH, CHW

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