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My Organic Garden: Vegetables

Posted Jul 25 2010 4:43am

This year I decided to grow a vegetable garden with my daughter.

Every year we have strawberries ; they are a “must” in our garden, however, this year we decided to go further and plant different varieties of vegetables. I bought the packs of seeds, prepared a few flower pots, bought compost and we planted the seeds.

The seeds? Seeds of what?
Yes, this was our dilemma. We planted the seeds but we did not use labels in the flower pots. Next time I will have to get a sort of id card software to print out the labels.

I know we were supposed to watch two types of lettuce grow as well as carrots and turnips, I just didn’t know where they would grown. But, when they are make their appearance through the soil it’s difficult to identify what it is but, when they grow a little more, we can figure out by the shape and texture of the leaves what vegetable is.

On this picture I can identify the two types of lettuce, carrots and the turnips. This vegetable garden was not well planed, we just threw the seeds into the soil and waited to see what grew.

It’s wonderful to watch the kids, specially my six years old daughter, checking everyday to see if the lettuces were ready to collect or if the carrots were big enough.

The contact with “live” vegetables gardening is excellent for the children. Most children only see the vegetables in the supermarket and they don’t imagine how they grow. They just think they are “made”, so, I’m very happy to show my children that even in small spaces we can grow vegetables and herbs.

Next year I’m going to prepare more recipients to plant a lot more vegetables.

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