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My Official Half Marathon Training Program

Posted Jun 22 2010 12:00am

First, this morning I ran a very sweaty and humid 5 miles around the neighborhood. Barely 80 degrees but humidity is out of control. I hope running is easier in cooler temperatures! I don’t think I could have done more than that today, but was happy with that distance on hard pavement. I know I need more practice there. It is so nice and peaceful to get outside early when the streets are quiet and the sun is just starting to come up. And my route through River Oaks makes for pretty scenery.

Next, let’s talk about training! I recently signed up for the Rock Run Rock Dallas Half Marathon on December 5. Some days I think this distance is scary, and some days I’m ready to tackle it. As a reminder, my longest race distance is 10K ., and I am prone to leg injuries–(IT band and shin, hip pains).   

I have been reading some professional training programs, and also some other blogger’s training tales to decide the best way for me to approach this race. And let’s also clarify the purpose of signing up for this race–I am running this race for a personal challenge, to set a goal and figure out how to get there, and it’s not about speed…but I don’t want to run forever!

The things I am taking into consideration when reading programs are the number of days running, total training weeks, and mileage increases. I am starting with Hal Higdon’s Novice Half Training Program and will adapt from there. He recommends 3-4 days of running, but I honestly think I can only handle 2-3. His program also peaks at 10 miles and doesn’t hit 7 miles until one month out, and I think I need more assurance that I can run closer to 13.1. I am also planning to leave a little more time to taper. So my program really doesn’t resemble his at all! Don’t know if that’s good or bad.

I value the importance of strength training and cross training, so those need to be incorporated into  my program.

So here is an Excel document of how I have decided to train for the race.  It starts the weekend of August 14, which is about 6 weeks earlier than Hal’s program starts. My program assumes that I will run sporadically throughout the summer up to 6 miles indoors and will pick up with longer distances, then taper, then pick up again.

I welcome your comments!

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