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My (New!) Workout Schedule

Posted Jul 16 2012 11:04am
I would call this morning a successful one! After a long night of tossing and turning, I was very grateful to be able to sleep in a bit later than usual. Once I finally woke up, Zeke and I headed out for a sunny morning walk that lasted about 35 minutes. He loved it and even hung out with a new little Boston Terrier puppy on our floor!

After we got back form our walk, I had just enough time to fit in a workout. I ate half a banana and half a cup of strawberry soy milk as my pre-workout snack, then off I went!

I'm trying out a new workout plan with a bit more structure, so hopefully it will be easier for me to manage all of my workouts and will hold me accountable to making time to fit in all of the workouts each week.

It looks a little something like this...

Now, this workout schedule isn't set in stone. What I want to get out of this schedule is...
  • Introducing a 5-day split into my strength training regime.
  • Running 5k at least twice a week in preparation for my first 5k race in September.
  • Taking a day off each week for active recovery.
As you can see from my schedule, today was a 5k run followed by a bicep/tricep workout. I managed to run the entire 5k without stopping, which is quite a feat considering I've had over two weeks off from running due to this nasty chest cold.

It took me just under 35 minutes to run 5k and I spent 25 minutes doing my bicep/tricep workout. I chose six exercises (3 bicep, 3 tricep) from the wonderful JEFIT app on my phone.

If you don't already have this app for strength training, I would HIGHLY recommend it! It's a great way to keep your strength training routine interesting with new exercises. Anyway... I did 2 sets of 12 reps at about 70% exertion for the six bicep/tricep exercises and I was outta there!

When I got home from the gym, I made myself a protein shake for breakfast. I combined a scoop of Bodylogix vanilla protein powder with one frozen orange, a handful of spinach, and about a cup of water to make my protein smoothie.

It was deeelicious! Now it's time for me to head out to the barn to spend some quality time with the girls and my girl, Ginny!

Questions: What does YOUR workout routine look like? Do you incorporate strength training into your weekly schedule? Have you ever tried doing 5-day split training? If not, would you?
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