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My neck hurts when I’m doing sit ups!

Posted Feb 04 2010 1:59pm

Darlings, how awful!! There you are working the washboard and you have to stop cos you’re getting a crick in your neck! Fear not angels, Princess FG is here to solve all of your training woes!

First of all, let’s take a look at what happens. It’s likely that if you are feeling a slight pain in your neck, that you are putting too much pressure on both your head and neck by clasping your hands tightly around the back of your head as you work. It is also likely that you are doing this with the neck in a strained position.

Take this pressure off immediately by placing the tips of your fingers just by your ears so that you are not gripping the head at all. Then place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth - this activates the neck flexors to support your neck as you work.

Remember, pain is a great indicator that you are doing something incorrectly, a handy tool if you listen to your body and seek to correct it.

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