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My Mutt Blog

Posted Oct 11 2010 8:46pm

I'm have not decided what this blog will "be." 14 days ago, I intended it to be a place where I could work on my intended book. 14 days ago. Since then, I've revised my ideas. Already.
This is a thing with me. Last summer, I intended to build up a running club that would gain enough power to host charity races and turn all the money over to worthy causes. Last fall, I wanted to build up a service-oriented group of people that would effectively offer hours of their time to take care of needs. I imagined the group spear-heading a date night that would include a fancy dinner for parents and child care for the children and everyone beaming over the fact that the night just went so perfectly, they feel rested because of the framework of the evening or joy because they were able to offer time so that someone else could feel rested.
I have a lot of ideas, and I make a lot of plans, and there are quite a few things I want to do. I have a degree that will allow me to teach English classes to anyone within junior high or high school parameters. But I have also discovered a love for planning events, I want to eventually publish something, I'm hooked on the post-half marathon feeling, I love "my" kids at youth group. I love my husband, and I enjoy having people over, trying new recipes, reading, and someday, I really want to be a mom.
I admire really good teachers who stay at it for years (I don't admire those who don't love the students but stick around anyway). Good teachers don't seem to be all together common. But I don't think I will be one to stick around. Maybe I could be a good teacher, but I have this restless heart that just wants to explore. I love trying new food and going new places. I love reading about things I didn't know about and dreaming about the unknown.
For that reason, I can't put my finger on this blog. It is a mish-mash, a "mutt" blog. At times, "Save the Pineapple Juice" will be my cooking blog; at times it will chronicle my fitness attempts or the books I have read or the thoughts I am thinking when I alone and talk to my blog instead of people.

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