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My Martha Day #Fitness Friday No. 2

Posted Nov 10 2012 12:52pm

I'd be lying if I said I was excited to write this post. I'm not. My migraines are acting up again and getting through the work day takes priority. Today was so bad I wanted to cry. Because of the migraine. Don't want you to think I'm clinically depressed or something. ;-)

I think I got an extra day of workouts in my graph there. I'm trying to trick ya. On Saturday I ran three miles. According to my treadmill they were ten minute miles. I'm pretty sure that the treadmill is calling all of it's friends and laughing about how it pulled a fast one on me. Yeah, you got me good Mr. Treadmill. 

On Sunday I got in a mile and did some weights. This time the treadmill said slightly over a twelve minute mile. I guess it decided to be more realistic about its jokes. 

Then it all went to pot from there. I got in some yoga and a little of this and that. No real pushing. I let the migraines win. But there's always tomorrow. Right? 

My addiction to Martha radio has paid off though. I've managed to cook and bake my way through this week. A girls gotta eat ya know. It all culminated with a super yummy roast this evening. Perhaps you'll be seeing some more food blogging out of me. 

Were you more Martha or Jillian this week?   Did you enter the Navitas Naturals giveaway?

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