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Posted Jan 13 2011 9:38pm

There is an older gentleman that works out at the gym I work at and for some reason he keeps calling my little man a “princess”. I’ve said HE and HIM and dress him like the little boy he is, but still this guy keeps saying “how’s the little princess today” whenever he sees him. WHAT?!!?

He is probably in his late 60’s and loves to sing OUT LOUD (and I mean LOUD & very off key) to the songs on his mp3 player. I don’t think he is doing it to tease me or get a reaction. Could be, but I don’t think so. He is quite a character in the gym, people don’t know what to think of him.

DSC06711 So I guess I have a little princess! On the one hand he does have very big beautiful eyes with the longest eye lashes ever. But on the other hand, he is my little MAN and will be staying that way!! A princess no more!

Moving on...after work I did a quick lower body workout (about 10 minutes, not a lot of rest):

lower body

Then I ran my 4 miles.

My goal was to run it in under 32 minutes (8:00 pace average), which I accomplished with only 20 seconds to spare [31:40].

I started out running my first 1/2 mile in 8:30 pace and kept increasing the pace until my last 1/2 mile was at 7:20 pace. It felt good to run without pushing a stroller on ice...I could actually go fast!   

4 miles...CHECK

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