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My Lazy Day Turned into a Zumba Class With My Mom: The Unthinkable a Weight loss Series

Posted Dec 28 2010 9:49am

That's my mom warming us up!
You know I do not love how when people don't lose weight they find every excuse in the book to blame everyone else, or something else. Why not go to the doctor? Why not add another workout? Why not do something to figure out what is wrong with you? I am not going to sugar coat this blog today I think you need to hear the truth. If you are satisfied with your body and health then great. But if you are not then stop making excuses. I don't believe in New Years resolutions I see it as a time to reflect before you move on into the New Year. I reflected this year and as a full figured fitness professional I saw that I wanted to get even more healthier, lose a little more weight.

However, if I ate that extra slice of pizza that was my own fault. If I didn't work out that day that was my own fault. I don't put a finger at the instructor, or my doctor, or my friends I accept responsibility for my actions. So with that said I lost 2.5 lbs in 5 days and then I indulged in a Crumbs 500 calorie cupcake. I knew the lbs would come back faster than you can say CRUMBS. So I went to a fun and amazing class by my mom.

Yes my mom is a Zumba Instructor and a good one at that. I needed the workout and it was cold in NYC. I sat on the bed and I contemplated the fact that I was on vacation do I really want to battle more snow, more ice, more cold to work out? The clock ticked and it was 6:15 and I was still in my PJ's. Ugh what a lovely lazy day 6:20 and in ten minutes I had to go. I mustered up the courage, put my clothes on, put my boots on, put my warm coat and cute hat on and I walked to the bus with my mom.

Boy was I glad I went. I have never been the student. It was a blast and I even saw a few moves I might steal from my mom the Zumba Instructor. I shimmied and shaked and rocked and rolled and boy was I thankful for the workout I was having a really bad emotional day and the workout got my blood flowing, the calories burning and I felt better. So that is how I turned my Lazy day into a Zumba class with my mom.

I hope you turn more Lazy days into a workout!
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