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My Law of Attraction

Posted Dec 10 2008 3:11pm

Leah Guy After having studied the law of attraction for many years, I was glad “The Secret” did so well with sales, but I wasn’t the first in line to buy a copy. Recently, however, I starting reading the book and it perked my interest again in this curious subject. By the second chapter, I’m asking myself what I really believe about this type of prophesy, and how it ties into the self-diagnosis of our self-help times. What is the “Law” in my life, and where in the world do the mundane happenings of every day life fit into this secret? In essence, I want to know why my dog urinated on my new rug at 4 a.m. I want to know why my computer’s USB ports fizzled on Thursday, but worked fine on Weds. And just for s**** & giggles, I’d like to know what state of mind I must have been in to attract 2 days of diarrhea with a temp of 103. Don’t get my wrong, I believe in positive thinking and attracting what we focus on…you should see the dynamite couch I just scored this weekend for free! But I also give credit to powers much bigger than my own brain for various happenings. God and life. You may choose to call God whatever you’d like, but God will be the only word I capitalize from here on, which means the creator of this world and provider of universal energy. New age authors will forgive me, but the capitalization of every “spiritually-inclined” key word is not needed in order for me to conjure up a sense of something greater than myself.

What we think about does create our reality. This is true. If you think dreadful things, you will most likely have a dreadful experience no matter what is going on around you. If you think positive things and have a great attitude, you will most likely experience positivity, at least a better perspective about what life does throw at you. But what about things that “just happen”? I don’t believe I had any conscious (or unconscious) thought about my USB port crashing. That was a pain in the butt that cost over $100 to fix. I chose not to get upset, which was positive, but the experience is not one that I called into my life. There seems to be a great debate about goal-oriented use of the law of attraction as a means to an end - in that by doing so, we create our total life experience. OK. So we are responsible for how we experience life. We can manifest our reality, partly. The thought I’d like to illicit is that beyond our thinking, there are other realms of power at work, and to honor those powers instills in us a sense of faith and surrender. Our energy isn’t the only player. This world and reality was created before your thoughts came into being. With a mind frame that encapsulates both thoughts, God and self-will, we open up a door to a much larger world than that of any secret. It’s a world of pro-active surrender.

When we pro-actively surrender to our faith, we are aligning our energies with a power that is bigger than us, God. This is a good thing which will create a positive vibration in us. To stay in this vibration will continually affect our state of being, state of mind and experience in this world. All of this is creating a law of attraction that is of the highest order. The surrender part is a bit trickier. Surrender isn’t a negative thing…it’s a humble process that recognizes our human limitations. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, it means acknowledging that we can let go of some of the control in our life so that we notice God’s magic in the world around us. If this hits a nerve, good. You think you have all of the control? You don’t. Although man has figured out how to genetically modify foods, clone animals and drop-ship pre-approved babies, man will never be able to control forces of nature from authentic creation. And for that simple reason, you cannot create 100% of your life.

What am I saying here? 1)Think positive, affirming thoughts. Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Do all you can to live a life that is rich, fulfilling and right. By doing so, you will experience a mood and centeredness that is good. Take responsibility for your happiness and your actions. Be conscientious of your mental activities and desires of the heart. These are all actions that lead to manifesting what you want in your life. 2) Pro-actively Surrender. You can’t control all of your life by yourself. If you try, you will be a self-centered, self-righteous, God wanna-be. Let go of some reigns in your mind and heart and have faith that the God that brought you into this world has a pretty good idea of how to take care of you, if you have faith. By giving over all of the control, you will have plenty of help and positive energy to deal with things that otherwise, you may not want present in your life.

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