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My internal clock, a dog, my clients, a successful dressing and my UFO brother

Posted Jun 11 2010 3:46am

Today I woke up rather late, at 10.00. I try really hard to get out of bed early but there is something wrong with my internal clock. .Basically it cannot realise that I m not the rebel I used to be in university and now I m a serious professional.

Anyway the good thing is that I work on my own, so I arrange all of my appointments after 14.00. It was very important for me to find a job where I can be as lazy as I want.

Afterwards I decided to go to the park for a power walk. My neighbour 's stupid dog started to bark like crazy, something that does several times per day and night. I have a very strong desire to kick this dog but then I remind myself that I am a yogi on a plant based diet and these violent feelings are not appropriate. Maybe I ll just throw something at him...

At 14.00 I arrived at the office. My first appointment was with Mr Pat

Mr Pat is around 75 years old. This is his second week on a diet. I weighed him and realise that he gained 1.5 kilo.

- Mr Pat, did you follow the diet plan?

- Yes, religiously.

- Then why did you put on weight?

- I don't know, maybe is your diet.

Here is where you take a deep breath.

- Ok let's take it form the beginning. Describe me one of your days.

- I had oatmeal with fruits for breakfast, bean soup for lunch, salad with bread and olives for dinner. Ah and some wine as always. I mean you don't want me to quit wine, do you? Wine is a drink, it cannot make you fat.

- Mr Pat, how much you drink? I asked with a trembling voice.

- Three bottles per night....

The next appointment was with my best friend Helen. Of course I don't accept money from her, so every time she comes to my office she brings me baskets with sweets, cheese pies and once she brought a pizza. I m not sure she understands perfectly the notion of the healthy diet.

She drinks a coffee that she insists it's black but I have my doubts. Soon she starts talking:

- Ok I have to confess that I ate a little bit more this week. Yesterday, I had a chocolate mousse and 2 cookies with my lunch and then a pita kebab and ice cream for dinner. Also the other day I ate 2 burgers because I was really hungry. Ah and on Sunday some pasta carbonara and on Tuesday 3 baguettes with ham and mayonnaise....

- Apart from these, did you followed the diet?

- Yes.

-When? While sleeping? Because there are no other meals left!

She ignores my comment and angry look and continues:

- You know what? I think I need a stricter diet. The bananas you put in my diet every other day are really fattening. That's why I can't loose weight.

After 3 more appointments, I went to my yoga class. It was great as always and the teacher told me I m doing very well. I think I m the nerd of the class, which is a really good change since I ve always been the clown.

For dinner I prepared roasted vegetables with a cashew-mustard dressing. It was delicious, although my brother said that this is what we should give to the dog to make it stop barking. I gave him my most scary look but he continued laughing. So I threatened him that I would punch him in the face, like when we were little. He was not scared but I think my boyfriend was a little bit.

After this happy family dinner the boys watched a football game and I fell asleep on the couch. Around 2.00 my boyfriend carried me to the bed. I like that when it happens :)

See you tomorrow


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