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My Intermittent Fasting Experiment Results & Photo Food Journal

Posted Jun 05 2013 9:49am

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you! I’m doing a brief post today since I’m working overtime to finish up the draft of my master’s degree project due in 2 1/2 weeks.

My Intermittent Fasting Experiment Results:

Three weeks ago today in this post , I wrote about my fascination with the topic of intermittent fasting and how I was going to try it for myself. Although I never intended it to be a short-term experiment, I’m afraid that’s what it has become for me. I can honestly say that while I think the concept of intermittent fasting makes sense from an evolutionary and longevity standpoint and there is even compelling and emerging research on the benefits, it’s not something I can stick with for now. At some point, I would like to try it again, either a version of the Fast-5 program or The Fast Diet program , but with my meals later in the day as opposed to earlier.

The good news is that this experience did help me get back in touch with my real hunger and realize that if I can continue working to reduce my dependence on food for comfort even a little bit, then it’s much easier to make healthy choices and to be mindful about what I’m eating. And, the bottom line is that food tastes about a million times better when you actually have an appetite.

The bad news is that for me this approach rekindled some of where I felt like I had a free pass to overeat to prepare myself for fasting. I don’t think this is a healthy attitude and I want to move away from that as quickly as possible.

Photo Food Journal:

What is my eating style now? I’m going back to the basics of the Fuhrman-style approach that has worked so well for me for nearly three years (you can read my story on Dr. Fuhrman’s blog here ). And, as always, I’m still 100% vegan because of my ethical beliefs. The biggest change I’m working with now is moving from a less calorie-heavy breakfast green smoothie in favor of something simpler, and moving the bulk of my food intake to lunch, with a substantial yet slightly lighter dinner.

As part of the blogging phenomenon known as WIAW ( What I Ate Wednesdays ), I’m posting a picture of everything I ate yesterday on today’s post.

So, yesterday I made something totally different for breakfast which was a handful of fresh salad greens, topped with melon, cucumber, strawberries, bell pepper, flax, and chia:

Carrie's breakfast salad.

This was enjoyable to eat and I felt satisfied afterwards, but I think this morning I need to add some chopped walnuts, some grains, or maybe some of my homemade vegan yogurt for a little more staying power. I was pretty hungry only two hours later and I think the quality of my workout at the gym was compromised by my hunger. So, my breakfast routine is a work in progress. Also, I should note that I did have two mugfuls of my hot cacao drink with breakfast. I’m sorry I did not take a picture of that, but you can read about it and see a picture here .

Lunch was a salad with chopped baby greens, white beans, tomatoes, broccoli, tomato, crumbled tempeh, and a hemp-based salad dressing similar to this recipe :

Carrie's lunch salad.

I finished off my Modern Apple Pie for dessert with some extra raw apple on top to make it last longer:

The last of my Modern Apple Pie.

All together now:

Lunch salad and dessert.

In hindsight, if I hadn’t had the dessert still hanging around, I probably would have chosen something less sweet, like maybe an apple with almond butter. Still, the dessert tasted amazing.

I was moderately hungry for dinner and prepared something lighter as planned including some vegetarian refried beans topped with no-salt salsa, steamed spinach served with vinegar and onions, and some roasted sweet potato (I had second helpings of the potato which were not pictured):

Carrie's dinner.

I thought about having fruit for dessert, but I was full and decided that wasn’t necessary.

Chef AJ’s Routine:

Do you read The Healthy Girl’s Kitchen blog ? It’s one of my favorites (you can see my complete list of resources here ). Wendy, the author, posted a very interesting post this week about a visit she had from Chef AJ . You can read that post here , it’s all about how AJ has lost 30 pounds and some tips for dealing with food addiction. I admire both of these women a lot. In fact, shameless plug, I’ll be attending an event with AJ in a few short weeks, it’s called The Healthy Taste of LA ; you should come!


Forgive my brief post; it’s back to the grind for me. I’ll be here again on Friday, though, and feel free to keep in touch by following me on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , or Instagram .

You can also support my work by downloading a copy of my recipe app, Vegan Delish, for your iPhone or iPad here . Did you know that you can also gift the app to a friend? You just go to the App Store here , click on the area where it says download or the price, and then follow the instructions to gift it to a friend. Thank you for being so awesome! :)

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