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My immune system is functioning in one of the highest pollen zones in the country

Posted Apr 16 2010 12:04pm

Today, I went through my regular wake-up routine. Got the paper, hit the shower, brushed my teeth. No big deal. I also Pollen map April 2010 had the radio on, listening to the local sports talk station (which tortures my wife and daughters).

Then, something got my attention and really woke me up. The radio sports program host said his wife and kids were all home and suffering in allergy misery. The show co-host had to call in sick this morning and miss the show, because he was too debilitated with allergies. The host said that he had heard (from where I don’t know or remember) that our state–Iowa–is at the pollen epicenter of the U.S. right now. We have the highest pollen counts of any state in the country.

I wasn’t able to verify that claim for this post today. I did see that Swisher Iowa, two hours away from me,  had the third highest tree pollen count in the U.S. for April 16 and 17, according to The Weather Channel. Swisher was even up to #2 earlier this spring.

Either way you slice it, it’s shaping up to be a severe allergy season, which we’ve discussed earlier . Some are saying this will be the worst allergy season we’ve seen in a long time, maybe ever . Some of the golfers at the Masters last week were wearing wrap-around sun glasses, not because of the sun, but to keep the pollen out of their eyes.

All I know is I’m slamming my EpiCor daily and using a mild nose spray periodically at night. So far, unlike in past years, I’m feeling great and breathing freely as though I’m living on a chilly mountain peak with no trees in site. I’m convinced my immune system, over the past two-plus years, has attained a balance level that has greatly mitigated my allergy condition. But I’m not in mountain country. I’m in corn country with lots of trees, grass and dust-swept fields waiting for planting. But am I gonna suffer all spring, summer and fall?  Hell no.

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