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My Guilty Pleasure

Posted Aug 13 2013 7:44am

My guilty pleasure…food blogs.

I am a woman of very few vices. None of the biggies, anyway. I’m sure if I tried to fit some of the regular things I do into the “vice” category you’d argue me out of it: drinking loads of water? Vitamin supplements? Daily yoga? Texting my ladies? Surfing the internet…hmm…maybe…surfing the internet looking at “Food Porn.” You know, lovingly prepared and artfully taken photographs of baked, fried, sautéed, roasted, fresh from the fields deliciousness…Whoa there lady, sounds like you’ve got yourself a vice.

I prefer to refer to it as a guilty pleasure.
Call it what you will, but looking at high quality photos of food online is mouth wateringly satisfying. Here’s the thing, I’m not a good cook nor am I necessarily creative, inspired or really all that able to follow directions. Growing up, my mother rarely made meals (I somehow reached full size on a steady diet of pop-tarts.) I was never taught to cook and when bagels and cereal no longer satisfied my nutritional needs I took to boxes, cans and jars-- and not in a good way.
When my oldest child moved on from baby food it was time to roll up my sleeves, don an apron (I actually don’t have one and I wish for one like this ) and get to work. I started with simple straight forward things like how to boil water (I’m not patient) how to properly cook rice and pasta (I’m really not patient) and so on. By the time my child was able to have a verbal opinion on the matter I patted myself on the back at being able to prepare a meal most days of the week. Can’t say it was delicious or appealing to the eye, but I got the job done.
Fast forward many years and many meals later and because I have discovered I have little patience and find repetition tiresome, I created a system that keeps the menu rotating and often try new dishes I’ve found online, in magazines or from friends, but it is never the same and I never venture into the adventurous meals I find on blogs like these . Bottom line, I get three squares a day on the table every day. Varying from vegetarian to vegan to cleanse-foods. Again, I pat myself on the back, but still…there is something missing, hence the online food porn.
Maybe it is because of the aforementioned impatience, boredom or specific food preferences (or the latent wish that mommy fed me properly) but when I prepare a meal it doesn’t quite satisfy that undetermined place in my physiology that not only causes my mouth to water in anticipation of a meal that is pleasing to the eye, but the deeper place of feeling like I’m being fed or more exactly nurtured.
Hmmm… By looking online at the food bloggers, with their oozy, gooey, crystal clear photos… my eyes hungrily devouring that which I am unable to prepare, perhaps gives me hope that someday either by my own hand or my own personal chef, those plates of heaping melty, oozy, gooey, crisp, tender, fresh, colorful and sometimes very simple dishes will be real life options at my place at the table to eat and they will most definitely “hit the spot.”  Some of my favorites Canelle et Vanille  ...and don't even get me started on Pinterest...Okay...well, you can, if you must. Here are some of my fave pins.
Do you have any  food blogs that would satisfy my sweet and salty teeth? Post them in the comments below.
Your vixen in the kitchen, Deirdre
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