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My Gold’s Gym Fitness Equipment Gifts

Posted Aug 12 2010 1:27pm

Here are some gifts I received from the best guy in the World (my man) that I have immediately added into my home gym’s inventory.  I had been feeling a little down recently and haven’t been feeling motivated enough to give my workouts 100% effort or to really motivate others either so he wanted to cheer me up.  This bundle of stuff picked me up really quick.  It gave me a spark of some kind and now I think I’m fully back to work…I love my stuff!

gold's gym equipment plate rack stability ball weight jacket workout mat

I received a new stability ball at size 65cm which makes my collection complete.  I have a 55cm and a 74cm so the 65cm is right in the middle and I’ve been using it to specifically do my  jack knife and hold exercises on it. It’s made of thick plastic like my 55cm so I know it’s going to last a long time.

I also got a gym mat since he noticed my puzzle square mats were not working out.   This mat stays flat on the floor whether I’m doing aerobics, step aerobics or weight lifting on it.  It does not lift or move and the material is durable.

Plate rack!  Thank the Gods!  I was finally able to pick my plate up off the floor and store them on my new rack.  It’s big, but it fits in the corner where my plates used to be on the floor and is out of the way.  Oh and it’s heavy…great quality rack.  Picture of the old way I used to store my plates…no more!

weight plate barbell storage

Finally got a weight jacket and I wear it all the time.  It holds up to 20lbs, but I only wear 10lbs (equally distributed throughout the jacket) when I do wear it and it’s still heavy.  Again, another great quality Gold’s product.

As for miscellaneous Gold’s Gym items I received, I ended up with a new pair of weight gloves (padded) and I prefer them over my last pair of gloves.  A waist…ummm…forgot what to call it, but it holds my gut in and I don’t like it.  It gets in the way and I really see no purpose for it since it can be seen under my clothes…I don’t use it.

Overall, I give Gold’s Gym fitness equipment an A for quality and relevance.  Gold’s is sold at Wal-Mart, FYI.  I love my new stuff!  Now, I just need a new floor!!!! Ha!

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