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My First Kickboxing Class

Posted Aug 24 2011 9:56pm

Boxing Gloves

I’m in pretty good shape, right? I mean, I weightlift all the time, and do yoga, and I just ran a marathon . But it always takes an entirely new exercise to humble that opinion and today kickboxing class roundhouse-kicked me right off my high fitness horse.

As I mentioned earlier this week , I was planning on trying out a kickboxing class at a local fight club . . . I’m going to break the first rule of fight club and talk about it.

“This place isn’t a country club,” the instructor said to me when I first came in. And it sure isn’t. There’s a lingering smell of sweat in the air and the whole place seems rugged. It was perfect. I wasn’t looking for a fancy gym; I’m already a member at another fancy gym.

I took off my shoes and socks and joined in with the class of about 30 boys who were warming up by running circles around the gym. I was the only female in the class but felt comfortable with the fact that many of the boys were high school or post-secondary students. In my opinion high school boys are about as intimidating as a fluffy bunny, unless of course you’re a high school girl. Later, two girls joined in the class and their experience was much more intimidating.

After the warm up jog we attempted to make our arms fall out of the shoulder sockets by making circles with our arms for what felt like half an hour (but was probably more like 2-3 minutes).

Then we frog hopped our way across the gym multiple times. This is by far my favourite exercise. . . I feel like I’m 5 years old doing it.

After that we proceeded to do the world’s fastest recorded push-ups. ‘Drop and give me 10’ meant I was on push up #5 when all the boys were getting up to their feet. I never actually got a chance to see any one else do a push-up but I was getting the sneaking suspicion that they weren’t doing a full range of motion. So, I started to fire off half push-ups rapidly so that I wouldn’t look like I was lagging.

Then came the real meat and potatoes of the class.

Part One: 4 rounds of the following circuit; 1 min/ exercise

- jumping lunges while holding a medicine ball above our heads
- burpees
- punching and wildly kicking the punching bag
- chin-ups (which was more of me jumping than actually pulling myself up)
- rest

I was pretty sure that I was going to vomit by the fourth round and my skin was turning the most lovely shade of green. Eating a snack before the class was definitely not the best idea.

Part Two: 4 rounds of the following circuit; 2 min/ exercise

- more punching and kicking of the punching bag
- shadow boxing; ie. punching and kicking at my reflection in the mirror

I look nothing like this photo ( source )

I know nothing about boxing form besides what I learned in BodyCombat, which isn’t exactly real boxing is it? Although it should be. Think about how much more entertaining a boxing match would be if it were expertly choreographed to music. Just think about it for a minute. … awesome right?

Basically my inexperience coupled with the fact that my shoulders were so sore I could hardly hold my arms up to punch meant I must have looked like a total doofus when I was “punching” and “kicking”.

And that was the end of the class. I was kind of expecting a cool-down of some sort but we just all low fived each other and went on our merry way.

I’m thinking that I’ll probably keep going back because the class was exhausting and for my over-achieving perfectionist self that means that I have to keep going back until it’s at least not very tiring any more.

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