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My First Experience with Overnight Oats in a Jar AND PB Fingers

Posted May 10 2011 1:53pm

Ever since I started reading healthy living blogs, I’ve noticed a recurring theme: Oatmeal. Lots and lots and LOTS of Oatmeal. Healthy people love oatmeal – This is not a subjective statement: it is a fact that has been proven by countless healthy living blogs and magazines. Luckily, I too am a fan of this magical grain. And always have been (although it was generally in instant packet form). I am always so impressed with the oatmeal creations that you people come up with.

There are millions more out there, but I could never fit them all into one post. However, two ideas that have piqued my curiosity from the beginning are Overnight Oats and Oats in a Jar (OIAJ as the cool kids say). The idea of being able to make delicious oats without cooking appealed to my lazy side, so I’ve always wanted to try Overnight Oats. And OIAJ is such a novel idea that I just had to give it a shot. Luckily, Carrots n’ Cake often combines these two ideas together so I had an expert to show me the way to the perfect Overnight OIAJ.

I’ve been meaning to try this stuff forever but I never had an empty jar of peanut butter to use. I don’t generally buy peanut butter, as it would be gone in 60 minutes flat. I have the remarkable ability to make peanut butter, cereal and bread baskets disappear before your very eyes.

Luckily, last week, in honor of Cinco de Mayo , I decided it was time to finally buy a jar of peanut butter. Nothin’ says Mexico like PB…right? I finally finished the jar last night, and I knew it was time to give Overnight OIAJ the ol’ Sometimes Healthy try. I may not be an all-star in the kitchen, but this recipe looked pretty idiot-proof.

Here’s how it all went down: (In typical non-dramatic fashion, I must give you the play-by-play for this seemingly simple task)

First, I put on some music to inspire me to get a little creative with my peanut butter jar…

Nothing short of amazing

Yep, Color Me Badd. That’s right. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like a little “ I Adore Mi Amore .” Please click on the link – it will make you giggle. If it doesn’t, picture me dancing around my tiny kitchen to the song. I can’t believe I used to listen to this stuff. (For the record, I didn’t seek out Color Me Badd – it was the song playing on the music television 90′s station just wanted to make that clear.)

Then I rummaged through the pantry to see what I goodies I could come up with to add into my OIAJ. Per my budget diet plan , I had already gone grocery shopping for the week, so there would be no buying any fun mix-ins at the last minute. Here’s what I came up with.

The mix

I couldn’t help but laugh at the peanut butter on top of the jar lid. Talk about PB Fingers !


Next, I mixed 1/2 cup of oats with double the liquid (I used Almond Milk) a half a box of raisins and a small amount of mashed bananas. I topped my (hopefully) tasty OIAJ off with a tsp of vanilla and some cinnamon.

Messy Mixer

Then, I closed the lid, crossed my fingers and went to bed…

Even I can't mess this one up, right?

In the morning, I woke up to beautifully sunny day AND a gorgeous jar of overnight oats.

Tastes better than it looks - a common theme here on Sometimes Healthy Blog

This might be the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever made, and I all I had to do was dump a bunch of ingredients into an empty jar of peanut butter. I’ve certainly been missing out! The oats were thick and creamy and the vanilla added just enough kick to make it a flavorful breakfast! I’d rate myself at an A- for my first Overnight OIAJ (the minus is for the messy jar of peanut butter).  Unfortunately, I don’t think my picture-taking skills reflect the true deliciousness so please take a look at what pretty Overnight OIAJ look like courtesy of Meals and Miles .

This is a how a pretty version looks ;-)

Her oatmeal always makes my mouth water!

I’m certain that Overnight OIAJ will be making another appearance in my life very soon – and maybe this time, I’ll even get some pretty pics.

B-Day Shout-Out

Happy Birthday to my BFF from Omaha, Emily.We’ve been friends since 4th grade, and I couldn’t be luckier to have her in my life.

Love you BFF

This girl is the most patient, kind and friendly person that you will ever meet. She was even given the “Most Friendly” Superlative in high school! She makes friends sooo easily.

She even makes friends with people who have balloons on top of their heads

One year, while I was away at my brother’s graduation and stressed (per usual) about something insignificant, I forgot dear Emily’s 20th birthday. I received a call late in the day from Emily and her now-husband asking me if there was something I had forgotten to do that day. Of course, I was annoyed by this question, since I had my OWN problems to worry about. Then I heard her husband laughing hysterically in the background and a light bulb clicked: I had forgotten my best friend’s birthday. Luckily, Emily’s the sweetest person in the world and she was amused rather than angry with me.


So, here’s to you best friend: I love you more than I love giant birthday cupcakes from Crumbs:

I love you more than the big one!


Have you ever forgotten an important birthday? What did you do to make up for it?

What’s your favorite way to make oatmeal?

What’s your favorite embarrassing song from the 90′s?

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