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My First Day At Natural Gourmet

Posted Nov 18 2010 7:16am

Tuesday was my very first day of chefs training at The Natural Gourmet Institute . I could hardly believe the day was finally here!

Everyone knew about it in the months (and years) leading up to it. And as it came closer, my family, people from work and my friends all gave me well wishes and always said “oh, you’ll be fiiiine . . .” when I stressed my fears and nervousness.

I remember telling a lot of them that I couldn’t wait to get the first day over with. Just so I could ease all of the craziness and know what I’m in for . . the suspense was killing me.

Then I thought to myself that morning about why I would want to rush through the day? It made no sense. I was looking forward to this wasn’t I? Did I really want to go and only remember the tense “omg what if this and that happens?” feeling and not appreciate what was going on in front of me?

So, decided to try something new. Something that I never have done before.

I Replaced Fear With Love & Excitement.

I admit, I had to fake it at first but after a short while things seemed more light and refreshing. . . .

Like a very strange but satisfying breakfast. (swamp shake and an avocado sandwich)

The beauty in a fall November day with the bag at the train station.

The newness and confusion of the subway. Which I rode all by myself AND in the right direction! ;)

Finally getting my official jackets to go with the pants .

A nice lunch/dinner alone in an adorable Thai restaurant where I indulged myself in a Roti wrap with slow cooked Thai beef and an order of yucca fries.

And when it was finally time to walk through the doors . . . I was truly excited about this step in my life. I was amazed at the diverse group of us who all had different goals and will be working together and hopefully becoming friends. Or how welcoming and funny the staff was. I truly believe they want the best for us and are willing to help us with whatever we need.

This school is one of a kind. And I am so LUCKY that I am able to do this! Not many people get to really follow their passion and be as close to a place that will help carry it out.

Turning fear into love was the best possible decision I could have made today. I think we all should do that every day.

The choice truly is your own . . .

Here is to an amazing year and the start of a new journey!


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