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My First Confession

Posted Mar 16 2011 9:33am
It was so hard to write this post because I don’t know how you guys will react. I don’t want you to think I am crazy. Here goes nothing. As April is right around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about my big move to Houston. I am very excited to move to a great city and start working for an amazing company. Traveling down there for Spring Break ensured me that I will be living in a city full of excitement. On the other hand, I am really nervous to move to a city so far from home where I know absolutely no one. I am extremely close with my family and the thought of living across the country really frightens me.

Let me tell you a quick story. Entering my senior year of high school I always thought I wanted to go to a school far, far away from home. In all honesty, I was totally over the Midwest and the state of Michigan for that matter. I thought I was ready to explore a new territory and develop a new “stomping ground”. When I accepted my full-ride athletic scholarship to Syracuse University in New York, I was ecstatic. I was literally counting down the days until I moved into the dorms. My entire family drove the 10 hours to Syracuse to ensure me that I was in a good place. They stayed for a few days to help me unload and get settled. The “goodbyes” were not too hard (except for my dad – he was balling the entire time). A few days after they left, it all started kicking in. I was homesick. Extremely homesick as a matter of fact. I was tired, lonely, and depressed. I wanted to go home. My roommate situation did not help one bit. I was in the process of locating a single style dorm to alleviate some of my stress. Day after day, I called my mom crying to express just how much I wanted to come home. I was very unhappy there. Even though I was hurting so much inside, I didn’t express any of my emotions to my teammates or coaches. I typically don’t like to bring others into my dilemmas or problems. I finally convinced my dad that I needed to transfer to Michigan State – I was just not is a place where I could live for 4 more years.

This story is the mark for my concerns as I am preparing to move all of my belongings across the country. Questions continue to run through my head. Will I be able to beat my anxiety and embrace my move to Texas? Will I be able to meet some friends? How will I meet friends if I don’t even know anyone down there? I guess I just need some advice. I am praying that everything will be ok considering I was granted this amazing opportunity. Keeping busy at work will help my mind from swaying out of control. I also think I need to work on meeting people and becoming involved. I have found a Michigan State alumni group in Houston that I am hoping to participate in. My dad also recommended that I look into a tennis league to join. Hopefully these few things will work. I really want to enjoy myself in Houston because it truly is an amazing city. Please help me!

Questions for you:

1.       Have you ever moved to an unfamiliar place or been in a similar situation?

2.       How do you meet people in a city in which you don’t know anyone?

3.       Any advice? (I need your help guys!)

I love you all and thanks for listening to my story. You guys are the best! I didn’t want to bore you with this post but I thought it was pretty necessary. It is amazing what blogging can do for you. Have an awesome hump day loves!

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