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My first 26.2 miles: Portland 10-10-10

Posted Oct 18 2010 12:00am
It took 4 months of training to prepare for a little over 4 hours!  My training partner Harmony and I followed the Runner's World under-4-hour marathon plan.  Our intent wasn't really to finish in sub-4 hours, but we thought it would help us gauge where we were training-wise.  In fact, we listed "our predicted finish time" as 4:50:00.  Once we completed a few of the +20 mile long runs, we realized that we were faster than that!
Megan, Harmony and I after a 22 mi training run! (3 hrs 23 min)

We arrived in Portland the day before the marathon and had the chance to meet up with the blogging community Harmony is involved in, and I am just starting to know!
Carb load dinner at Macaroni Grill organized by Staci
 Holy meat balls!!
Harmony , me, Mel , Jill , Amanda , Tressa , and Stacie
Getting our pose on by the Portland Marathon banners that lined the downtown streets.
Me, Harm, and Stacie pre-marathon. Note the rain gear.
Unfortunately, the forecast was for rain, and it didn't disappoint. :(  We woke up to gray, rainy skies, and it continued throughout the entire race. It has only rained 3 out of the 39 years the marathon has been held!  What are the odds?!! Here we are at mile 20

Despite soggy clothes and shoes, we finished in 4 hrs and 17 minutes!  I'll take it considering the conditions AND this being my first official race!  Aw, medals and space blankets!

So, the first question I get asked now, is "Will you do another marathon?"  I can vaguely remember the pain in my quads and butt after tackling St. John's bridge, and I am dry and warm as I type, so yes, I do want to run another an arid climate! :)  I most certainly would like to run several HALFS before my next FULL though.  In fact my hubby suggested we run a half together!  I would love to train with him:  DMB concert September '10
Marathon training tested me mentally, and physically of course.  Time management was a re-visted skill.  I couldn't cheat or I would pay for it on my long, weekend runs.  I came to depend on accountability from Harmony and totally relied on her during the actual marathon.  Knowing she was next to me (always on my right side!) helped tremendously!!!
This is a BIG check off my bucket list!
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