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My Favorite Revolutionary Act

Posted Dec 08 2011 12:00am
Dec 9, 2011 Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 in Blog | 2 comments

Here’s another mini interview with Jocelyn Stone from Experience Life magazine (’cause I’m an Experience Life Community Ambassador). For this installment, Jocelyn invited me to talk about my favorite Revolutionary Act. Take a look!

The Experience Life YouTube channel is loaded with awesome videos that range from interviews with smart people to workouts you can do outside and in your home. Check it out!


  1. Brandy Colmer (@forceDotMom) says:

    So awesome to hear and see you talk! not just writing on a page!! You are truly gorgeous, and an encouragement. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mel says:

      You are just the sweetest thing EVER! Thanks for the compliment. Those videos are fun. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing more video updates, but I feel so awkward talking to my computer monitor!

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