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My Crazy Supplement Regimen

Posted Jan 18 2013 10:11pm

So, I have no fun new recipe for you to try or fun exercise routine to demo. I have been super busy (that’s a lie) doing….stuff. Ok, so it may be that I am just lazy these days, but with good reason. Ok, without a good reason at all.

So, I thought I would share my sweet supplement regimen because I know that you are all dying to know what I take on a daily basis. I sorta feel like I am running a small drug cartel in my house with all the pills I have! Scary thought….Kim as a drug dealer….right….

Anyways, So here is my updated groups of supplements that I take.


The first group is directly from my naturopath, Dr. Tom Messinger (the nicest man you will ever meet!!) from Portland Natural Medicine on Morrison and 12th. He is treating me for Leaky Gut Syndrome (from years of eating absolute garbage), low progesterone, elevated cortisol and T3 conversion. Whew! It’s quite the process. Every morning I start my day with a gut repairing powder (which tastes like dirty feet) and yeast killing pills. I chase that with adrenal support and progesterone enhancing tinctures.


After breakfast, I take two extra strength (we’re talking 60 billion cultures!!!) probiotics. I do this all again in the evening too. Awesome. Once or twice a day, I sip on a liver cleansing tea (not to shabby).


Second group is from my previous ND Dr. Nadine Neale in Vancouver. She is great! I do Fish Oil w/ Vitamin D, plus an extra 4000 IU’s of Vitamin D, Evening Primrose Oil (not pictured) and Calcium/Magnesium for my muscles and sleep. I also take a natural T3 and T4 for my thyroid since my conversion is off.


Then, I use these supplemental super foods! I do 1-2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar diluted with water (since ACV has amazing health benes). I try to use ground flax seed whenever I can and I snack on pumpkin seeds for their amazing amounts of selenium which aids in all things hormonal.


And of course, I drink copious amounts of delicious beef bone broth!! (I promise it’s not beer).

So, that’s my current supplement plan. Pretty interesting, eh? Ok, not so much, but I was feeling uninspired on what to write, so there ya go. Maybe if you would all shoot me some topic ideas, that would be great!!

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