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My Circle of Women

Posted May 14 2013 8:26am

I have my immediate "circle of women" which consists of my besties (namely the gals in that upper right hand corner) and a few other special friends who provide support, advice, answers to pressing questions like, "what book should I read next," to being a cheerleader for the bigger and more dubious circumstances that life tosses toward me from time to time. I am earnestly, eternally, ever grateful for their loving support.

My circle of women also extends to include women I've never met in person, don't chat or text with every day, nor do they necessarily know I exist, but have also provided me with insight, the language and navigating tools as I explore the terrain that is myself, and in many ways love. I'd like to share them with you too, in hopes that whatever you seek at this season in your life, one of them, or several of them will be able to provide, even unknowingly, guidance, support, and wellness.

Christiane Northrup - Lady doctor (that's what I call gynecologists) and functional health and wellness pioneer. She has written extensively on women's issues including menstruation, menopause, and mother daughter relationships.

Kris Carr - Cancer thriver and wellness warrior. Kris puts the sparkle in eating clean, green, and lean. She also has a soft spot for furry friends furthering my kinship with her. She's written a book, a cookbook, and has loads of videos on her site that provide info on everything from diet to stress reduction.

Louise Hay - The affirmations queen, venerable Louise Hay has helped women heal from past wounds and learn to live in the present. She's written books, speaks publicly and is a shining example of what it is to be empowered and embrace Life.

Martha Beck - She's a modern day shaman who writes with candor and humor in several books, blogs, and offers life coaching which will guide you, right back to yourself.

Sianna Sherman - One half of my yoga dynamic duo. My mythic yoga story teller and gentle soul filled with feminine fire. A yoga class with Sianna is like magic brought to life in the body.

Gabrielle Bernstein - Gabby is the newest member of my circle and teaches vis a vis her very own, and very real experience what it is to replace fear with love. She is inspiring and gentle and infuses her work with a vibrancy that is contagious.

Laurie Gerber - Life coach powerhouse who tells it like it is with no bs. At all. She is fearless, honest, and fosters a careful study of the self that is sure to bring out the inner most best in all of us. She loves what she does and has a big heart that she tirelessly shares.

Elena Brower - The other half of my yoga dynamic duo. Elena's instruction is incredibly refined and spot on. She is wise yet accessible, and intense, yet gentle. I always feel safe in her hands.

Sarah Wilson - Anti sugar supers star. Sarah wrote the I Quit Sugar book and cookbook, which helped me overcome the challenge of ditching the white stuff. She blogs about food, life, and reducing, reusing, and recycling with intelligence and insight.

I thank my gal-pals and the women above for their support and love, insight and advice, sharing their experience and our shared experience and our sisterhood as women.

Source: via Marylene on Pinterest

Who is in your circle of women? Please share.
In the Spirit of women, Deirdre

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