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My "Chill Pill" dinner

Posted Sep 16 2010 12:00am
Ah yes, Thursday. Its bittersweet. This day needs to end but I still have lots do before tomorrow. BUGGER! We leave tomorrow for this RACE and the hubs and I are scrounging around trying to get things done. I think we might be a little sick of each other at this point, haha. Or maybe I just need to take a "chill pill." Anyway, dinner needed to be fast and furious! Just so happened to pick up these two items the other day at Specs Wines, Spirits, & Finer Foods (love that store!!).

At first the hubs was wanting breakfast, ya know, breakfast tacos with some spice. I was wanting spice but in the form of spring rolls or stir fry. So........why not combine the two!

First scramble the eggs with some raw yogurt cheese. Then add canned wild salmon, a little garlic and black pepper, and mix all ingredients together in the skillet. Turn off the skillet and prepare your rice paper rolls. After the rice paper rolls are softened, scoop your eggs and salmon onto the rice paper and add fresh cucumber slices and the Moroccan spiced ketchup. Roll it all up and enjoy!! I have to say, this combo was sweet and savory all at once. Plus it took all of 5 minutes, seriously.

Anyone else use rice paper for "fun" meals? I'm thinking a good almond butter, honey, and banana rice wrap lightly fried  or baked would be just heavenly!

And now a little update on my Kombucha making Progress.....just look how my scoby mother has grown.
so nice and thick
She's even been shackin up and makin more babies. WooHoo!
my scoby hotel, lots of  scoby baby makin here. HAHA!
Today my third batch was ready and it was fizzy!

I used raw cane sugar in my third batch (versus granulated sugar) and added pineapple puree and agave nectar to sweeten it.
Man, I really getting into this. Cotter Kombucha might be in the making. hehe!

Alright, must pack, shower, clean, yada yada yada.
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