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My (better late but never) year in review – 2010

Posted Jan 23 2011 10:45pm

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in the month of January.  And in case you hadn’t noticed, in January is when everybody talks about their resolutions for the year to come.  They talk about what was good in the previous year, and what needs to be better in the future.  They set goals, establish rules and guidelines, and sometimes they go as far as to talk about their dreams.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t do that.  This year, I didn’t mention one thing about New Years resolutions, or what I wanted to change.  You might have thought this was because I was busy planning a wedding, or busy at work, or busy with a lumbar-strained back .  In actuality, however, it was because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to write about. 

I wasn’t going to write anything at all.  Kind of like an ignorance is bliss kind of attitude.  But then I went back to look at my New Years blog entry from last year and I realized how awesome it was to have that to look back on.  And that, although I feel like I kinda failed at a lot of stuff this year, I also did a lot of stuff well.  I am one of those people who tends to get overwhelmed by all my mistakes or little things that I did wrong.  But sometimes, looking back I realize how many things I actually managed to do right.

Last year, here’s what I wrote were some of my focus points for 2010, and how I did “focusing” on them:


  • Work on intuitive eating – I have been working on this, and have gotten better.  I still struggle, no doubt.  I am still using Fitday (I have to admit, not using it did not last very long) but I am ok with that, at least for now.  I am trusting my hunger more and more.  I still struggle in the evenings, but things like eating a bigger breakfast and morning snack are helping.
  • Run another marathon, and improve my time – I didn’t run a marathon in 2010, although I did run two half-marathons (See my recaps here and here .)
  • Get my PMI Project Management certification – I did this
  • Learn German – I started class in September, and although things are progressing slower than I would like, I am working on it.  S and I have a plan to move my learning along more quickly this year, which I will talk about a little bit more in a later post.
  • Incorporate weight training regularly into my exercise scheduleI did this !  I have relatively consistently been doing weight training once or twice each week.  My new job has helped with this, as the gym at work is usually not too busy and has awesome machines and free weights.  The assisted pull-up machine and I have become extremely close, and I even bought weight-lifting gloves!.
  • Incorporate consistent core work into my exercise schedule - I have been pretty good about this.  I usually end my weight-training with some ab work, and I also try to do  five minutes of core workout at the end of my cardio once a week.  
  • Really think about and map out a plan for the next few years of my life – Um ok… I didn’t really do this.  However, I did make lots of big changes that will affect my life a lot in the next five years – including getting engaged and getting a new job .

In addition, I also did some other pretty cool things:


I could pick a lot more, but hopefully you have already read it all so that is unnecessary! 

I guess what I’m trying to say is… sometimes I’m too hard on myself.  Before writing this post, I was feeling pretty down and actually thought I had not had the greatest year.  But now, re-evaluating my pre-2010 goals and also looking at the other things I did, it seems like I did ok!

I will touch on my 2011 goals and dreams in a later post.  But let me tell you my initial one….


That’s right, we are officially AFC champs.  Here we go!!

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