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My Achey Breaky Heart(Burn)

Posted Aug 25 2009 7:29pm

There was no dinner post yesterday because there was none, dinner that is.  In fact, this will be a quick-ish post because there’s been no dinner yet today either :)

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Adam and we went to the campus bookstore.


I spent $292.48 on materials for one class!  I will not even discuss how angry that makes me, and instead will focus on how giddy I am over my new planner.


While on campus we also went to the library to do some printing.  The husband got a Subway sandwich and I wanted a fountain diet coke so we got a meal with…..


cookies!  I seriously had been telling Adam at least once a day for the past 1.5weeks how badly I was craving a cookie.  I got a chocolate chip m&m and a white chocolate macadamia and ate them both and was thrilled.  (Tina, I think you need to institute Cookie Mondays!)

Once we finally got home I grabbed a hunk of sourdough and went on a walk with Adam to the bank.


I’m not sure if the bread was going bad or what, but I felt like I was getting acid reflux and by the time we got home I was beyond ill.  I crawled into bed at 9:30, whimpering.

This morning I slept in as late as possible, but knew I should go to volunteering.  I was late, exhausted, and nauseous, so I pulled out all the stops and got a Rockstar Juiced Energy + Guava from the back of the fridge.


This was the ticket, I managed to hold it together through lunch!  That purple can brought back so many memories – on breaks in college I used to drink them at work back home.  I waitressed at a very busy bar ( Duffy’s ) with shifts that we super physical and 9+ hours long.  I loved getting a Rockstar as a reward.

For lunch, solid food seemed to be in order so I got a slice of plain pizza.


The photo is pre-blotting.  I used 3napkins, so there was a visible difference.  Do you blot?  I don’t just blot, I rub!

After volunteering I walked to the coffee shop and got a small side salad to get in some greens.


I studied for 2.5hours and I also had a Passionfruit Italian Soda while I worked.


When I got home I discovered Adam had picked up a package from my parents.  Among other things my mom sent a HUGE stack of books and magazines,


adorable notecard rings,


and one of our favorite wedding gifts, a plate made by hand back home in St. Thomas.


You could probably guess at my to-do’s for this evening -

  1. Fill in my new (pink) planner
  2. Feed my sourdough starter – this week I’d like to try an actual loaf of bread
  3. Eat some damn fruit
  4. Make dinner
  5. Find time to curl up with my new reading material

P.S. While I blogged I ate a Dr. Kracker Cheddar and Pumpkin Seed Crisp with onion dip.


Do you ever get heart burn/acid reflux?  How do you deal?  I’m not a chronic sufferer, but I do get it more than most people I know.  Not from spicy foods, however.  I’ve yet to try Tums or anything but I think I probably should start.

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