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My 6.25% Declaration to Myself & My Fitness

Posted Mar 14 2013 11:30pm
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Happy Friday loves!

My 6.25% Declaration to Myself & My Fitness via #FitFluential #fitness
Yesterday morning I woke up to a pleasant surprise.  I am HONORED to have been featured over on the FitFluential blog as the Ambassador Spotlight !  Being a FitFluential Ambassador has truly been a blessing in growing my blog, online presence, and self-confidence.

As you know, I have been ridiculously busy during the past two months. This Spring semester has been amazingly exciting as well as painfully exhausting.  I am a strong advocate for “you always have time to workout; you just have to make time” BUT this semester has truly tested this theory.  

Regardless, I have made every effort to be about my fitness even though it has been a sincere struggle all the same.

I’ve been working out 4-5 days a week and while I am stronger than I’ve EVER been, I’ve been a bit of a rut.

I read an article just the other day that truly got me thinking: 7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Stronger .  And I decided that it was time to truly commit to myself.

I want to take things to the next level.

This is about 90% a psychological a-ha moment… and I’m okay with that.

My 6.25% Declaration to Myself & My Fitness via #FitFluential #fitness

Over Christmas break, I got my CrossFit on.  When I got back to school, I knew I would be back in the gym–SOLO (which is okay).  Anyhow, I tried morning workouts and discovered they just weren’t for me.  So, I began to get into my “groove” of what worked.

I pack my gym bag EVERY MORNING (yes, usually around 7am).  After class and work (5pm-6:30pm), I head straight for the gym.  I do not pass GO, I do not collect $200, I just go straight there.  I change clothes and I settle into my FAVORITE part of the day.

There is nothing I enjoy more after a long and stressful day than to break it up with a HIGH INTENSITY gym date.

Let’s get real.  It all comes down to discipline.  And guess what?

There is nothing more gratifying than pushing yourself, setting goals, and becoming the healthiest, fittest, and strongest version of yourself.

I have been in a bit of predicament these past few weeks: No time.  All work and no time.

I don’t like this.  I’m not about it.  I will not apologize for my passion for fitness.  This is the ONE part of the day that is MINE.

Being disciplined in your fitness routine defines discipline in every aspect of life; not to mention, it’s the ultimate stress reliever.

When I have had to go multiple days without exercise due to serious time constraints, everything suffers.  Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.

I seriously have no energy, no motivation, and I’m not myself.

So where does this leave me?

This isn’t some HUGE change, but more of a commitment to MYSELF to truly live how I say I live, want to live, etc.  

Every day.  Starting now.  Because it makes me HAPPY.

My 6.25% Declaration to Myself & My Fitness via #FitFluential #fitness

There is really no reason that this picture is here besides the fact that I was talking about happy things and the warm-er weather makes me VERY happy.

It’s time I get back to the basics and establish a serious routine that is all mine.

I am ready to not just say I strength train, but put pencil to paper on my weekly routine.

I’m ready to truly isolate.  I’m ready to become my strongest self.  I’m ready to put myself first.  I’m ready to stop allowing life to be an excuse.

I’m ready to say NO to things that I don’t need in my life so I can say YES to one of the most important aspects of my life: FITNESS.

An average workout for yours truly lasts an hour and a half.  This is merely 6.25% of the day.

It’s not selfish to TAKE this 6.25% of my day for myself.

My 6.25% Declaration to Myself & My Fitness via #FitFluential #fitness

I choose to use my “free time” in the gym.

You can watch television.  I’ll lift heavy things… and put them down.

Okay, I had to say that. It’s my favorite fitness pun.

Anyhow, this is my official declaration because I am ready to move forward and make it happen.

I’ve been on Spring Break this week!

*Insert cliche comment here.*

I didn’t go anywhere crazy and I haven’t done anything “out of this world.”

But what I have done is relax.  I’ve worked, caught up on projects, watched 10+ episodes of my new obsession on NetFlix (Prison Break), I’ve cooked clean food, AND I’ve killed my workouts.

This week has truly reminded me that I can and WILL make time for my passion.  I love the gym; it happies my soul.  I’ve crafted my official routine (which is still a work in progress), but guess what?

A Lady In the Streets But A Freak In the Gym via

Here is the new KACIE-TINE (hehehe, my new routine).

There is a lot more to it than just this, but I’ll dispel ALL my secrets in another post (get PUMPED).

  1. Chest/Back
  2. Quads/Glute
  3. CARDIO/Abs
  4. Arms/Shoulders/Delts
  5. Hamstrings/Abs
  6. CARDIO/Abs
  7. REST


No more excuses.  I’m finally putting myself first.  It’s 6.25% of my day and I’m taking it.

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