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My 42 Year Old Cat

Posted Feb 24 2013 1:34am

You all are probably scratching your head wondering about a 42 year old cat- which by the way is stuffed. I received this cat when I was 3 years old due to a high fever which triggered a seizure, ended up in hospital for the seizure and the cat came from The Ruth Lyons Children's Fund. This cat is white with blue and pink flowers on it's body. Has a mouth and eyes of course and sits in my antique rocking chair in my bedroom. This cat is always there when I am not feeling well, depressed or just reflecting on my life over the years. My cat has so many memories attached to him. My grandmother sewed and washed him so many times I had lost count. The one amazing thing is this cat still has the scent of my grandparents home they used to own in Madeira many, many years ago.

Is it odd to have something that old and hold on to it so dearly? Personally, no because there are just some things that hold so much sentimental value to them you don't ever want to let go. No one plays with him, he just sits waiting to be picked up and loved. When I have a bad day I will often sit in bed with him and just hold and smell him which brings memories to light of my grandparents - God rest their souls.

For me this helps to calm and soothe my senses. It relaxes me, but more than anything it is remembering my grandparents and how they were so much a part of my life. I look at photos, I picture their expressions and the love they had for me. I remember watching Grandma fix my poor little kitty who is just stuffing and material and every time she got him out of the washer and he smelled so clean and did not fall apart, literally.

Am I crazy? No way in hell, but we all have the little child in us that exists even when we are adults and those childhood toys whatever they may be are precious to us till the day we die.

So my question to you all - do you have that one special item in your life you have not let go? What is your story? I would love to hear about yours.

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