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My 3 Year Old Wants Nail Polish!

Posted Jun 12 2010 8:16pm
Gloss Over The Polish

Personally, I rarely wear make up, and when I do, it is very minimal, nail polish never enters the equation. So (keeping in mind the ‘lead by example’ theory) you can imagine my surprise when my little girl came to me with the following proposition, quote- “ Mama, please can I have some finger pol?” unquote, ‘finger pol?’, quote- “yeah, and for my toes too, it’s beautiful, I love it”. Took me a few moments to cotton on that T was asking me to buy her some nail’pol’ish!

Now, call me either too earthy, or too old fashioned, but nail polish was never on my list of things to get for a three year old! I mean, doesn’t all that start when they are about 12?! Oh gosh, is the world changing that fast? Just last week the news was playing images of little girls shaking it on stage in underwear, stating that little girls were being encouraged to be sexy, growing up too fast. Hence, my initial thought was “Heck no! You can’t have nail polish!?” But then I got to thinking, All around her, little girls were wearing nail polish, everywhere you look females of all ages are flashing nails ever colour under the sun, T see’s nail polish as a pretty dress up, as ‘beautiful’. So, rather than shutting her down with a flat out no, I pondered, and then we sat down for a chat. I explained to T that it was not necessary to wear nail polish, that her natural nails were beautiful as they are, and that nail polish is toxic and terrible for your nails and skin in the long run, however, if she very much wants to wear it, then it can only be as a special ‘dress up’ sometimes, and only if we are able to find a non toxic one.

So, with that compromise T walked away happy and I jumped on the net to search for this ‘non toxic’ nail polish, not holding my breath, and actually feeling a little smug as I thought it wouldn’t exist, but behold, there it was (a Tasmanian organics company ‘City Organics’) stocked a fabulous natural kids nail polish, non toxic, water based, earth friendly, and peelable! Ticked all my boxes, and T’s too it turns out, as they had it in shade ‘peach’, quote- “oh yes, that one mama, I love it! Do you love it?” unquote.

To answer truthfully, I don’t love it, not 100%, as I didn’t expect nail polish to become an issue at this stage, however, I do believe that sometimes, it is better to come up with a creative solution/compromise rather than a “ NO”, not because of lack of discipline or bother, but due to the fact that they are little people with personalities, likes and ideas of their own, which even though may not be what you agree with, they are worth taking into account and respecting all the same. Naturally, there will be times when you simply cannot allow something, an example that rapidly springs to mind is the “NO” which would be sternly employed in reply to the question of “can I get my belly button pierced?”.

I suppose at the end of the day we have to weigh out the pros and cons and see if there is any way to achieve a win win. Ah, the joys of parenting . Bless
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