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Must know Health tips for pregnant women

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
This post is for pregnant women regarding their nutrition and health. They have to be so cautious about their health considering the dependence of baby in their womb. 

Here are some important points that must be noted by a pregnant woman.

1)They have to take healthy foods and be conscious on what they eat and drink. Some things to help you in this:
- Folic acid supplement in diet is commonly recommended as they contain good prenatal vitamins, vitamin B and calcium (minerals) etc.
- Iron and vitamin B is also very essential
- Take fiber rich foods and drink plenty of water to avoid constipation
- Eat breakfast regularly
- Eat bananas – they contain good amounts of potassium which help pregnant women in retaining less water and prevent the swelling of hands and feet
- You need more calorie intake during pregnancy and physicians commonly suggest for intake of extra 300 calories (each day) during this period and this can be achieved only by eating healthy foods and not by junk foods so avoid them
- Eat more healthy foods like veggies, fruits and yoghurt etc.

2)Habits that must be stopped at any cost during pregnancy:
- Stop drinking alcoholic beverages
- Stop smoking cigarettes and also avoid people who are smoking near you as second hand smoke is more dangerous

3) Exercises and fitness:
- Mild exercise everyday is sufficient and in that walking is the best choic e which helps you in increasing oxygen and blood supply in your blood
- Don’t attempt in doing crunches, sit ups or tummy exercises
- Please avoid lifting heavy objects

4) Special points:

- Take plenty of rest and remember rest is very essential as the pregnant women strain more than normal women. Take more breaks in between your work and if need ed sit down and relaxto avoid stress.
- Avoid chemicals of any kind and never inhale or use pesticides, bug sprays, paint and similar dangerous compounds
- You must talk regularly to your physician or your nurse and clear all your doubts and also express your problems
- Keep your weight under control as there are several health problems related to over weight

Take extra care during your pregnancy and have a healthy pregnancy and super healthy baby.

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