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Must have been the PIZZA! (best bench press yet!)

Posted Nov 13 2012 12:00am

Monday, November 12, 2012

What a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!!! :)  

We ended our fantastic weekend with Nathan’s OUTSTANDING homemade PIZZA, and fresh apps to go with it!  It was a special occasion!  He makes some incrediabally delicious pizza, that I’ve only had the opportunity to devour three times (and we’ve been together for over two years!)

Monday Nathan and I both had off for Veteran’s Day, so we decided to hit the gym at 9:00am.  This was crazy for us because a) we never have the same day off, and b) we’re never at the gym at 9:00am! 

Here’s what I did:

  • BENCH PRESS- 45lbs x 8 /  50lbs x 6  / 55lbs x 6 /  50lbs x 8 /  50lbs x 12


wait a minute.   YES, you read that right…

55lbs for 6 reps!

whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! That’s my best yet!!! :)   WAAAHOOOOO!!!!

I got a high-five from my trainer after that ;)

  • PULL DOWNS -40lbs x 10 / 30lbs x 10 / 40lbs  x 10

….. I got the “evil eye” look from Nathan when he saw I went back down to 30lbs.  Hey, I was suffering after using all my strenght in the entire world during bench press time.

  • 1 Arm Dumbell Rows -15lbs x 10  /  15lbs x 10  / 15lbs x 10

….. I MIGHT try going up to 20lbs next time…

  • Pec Dec - 10lbs x 10  / 20lbs x 10  / 20lbs x 10 / 20lbs x 9

It was nice to go to the gym early in the morning! (switch it up a little bit)

I’m VERY happy with the weight I pulled, and Nathan thinks theres progress!  YESSSS! 

……must have been the pizza… ;)

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