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Mushi Sushi

Posted Sep 20 2010 7:36pm

First day of actual class! I’m excited about my new classes. I can tell already that I’ll be learning a tremendous amount this spring.

Before school, I pulled together a salad in three minutes:

My mouth is watering just remembering this meal.

That’s mixed greens, hummus, a black bean burger I made in bulk a few months ago and froze, and Annie’s Goddess dressing. The combination of flavors was amazing! Lunch met all my ideal criteria – plenty of veggies, high-fiber, heart-healthy beans, healthy fats in the hummus and dressing. The salad kept me chewing and kept me full for a long time.

On the way home, I chewed some more on a ClifKid bar:

Normally I like to snack on more “whole foods”, like fruit and cheese or yogurt and peanut butter, in order to take advantage of the phytonutrients and other good stuff found in these foods. Packaged foods like Clif Bars have a lot of added vitamins and minerals, but they’re missing the micro nutrients that nature gives us (some of which we haven’t even discovered yet!).

Even so, granola bars are a nice filling snack to eat on the run.

This evening, Peter and I went out for sushi with some friends. The light was dim, but the sushi was amazing.

I felt pleasantly satisfied afterward. A fancy end to an ordinary Wednesday.

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