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Mung Beans for protein

Posted Feb 27 2011 10:12am

Lately, we have been enjoying the sprouted Mung Beans from TruRoots , same place we get the lentils .

Welcome our newest protein source MUNG BEANS!

Mung Beans are a great protein source (10g of protein per serving) and by having them sprouted activates the enzymes making it more easily digestible and absorbable awesome right! We have noticed our bodies do better with sprouted legumes and grains, but we also noticed our bodies prefer to have them cooked.

For us, raw sprouted beans and legumes do not sit well with us. Although there is nothing wrong with having raw legumes, grains, etc…some people can handle it better than others.

We tried the sprouted mung beans out similar to when we tried to making lentil socca . Again, we get a lot of request from people asking if socca can be made with other things besides garbanzo because they cannot have them for whatever reason. And like we mentioned in our lentil attempts, the authentic way Socca is made is with garbanzo beans. But there is no problem with doing it differently, you know we are big fans of variety and doing things differently :) For our first time making it we did half mung beans and half garbanzo beans, we plan to try it with all mung beans and see how it goes here soon!

Pure2raw recipe: Mung Bean Socca

  • 1 1/4 cups water
  • 1/2 cup sprouted mung beans
  • 1/2 cup garbanzo bean flour
  • 2 pinches sea salt
  • 1 tsp chili powder

Place all ingredients into Vitamix blender and blend.

Pour batter into hot oiled skillet and cook on one side to well done, maybe 5-8 minutes, than carefully flip and cook for a few more minutes.  We made this mung bean socca following our skillet version of socca.

We got the inspiration to try mung beans from a client/friend/blog reader that informed us she has made it out of sprouted mung beans, and said it came out. So we of course wanted to try it ourselves :) Thanks Joi!

We just loved how it naturally gets more fluffy! It was nice and moist too. I know we will be making this again!

Now in terms of flavor, this will taste like mung beans just like how socca taste like garbanzo beans. But the great thing is you can add spices or put your favorite spread on top to jazz it up! Looking for ideas, check our socca tribute plus a cookbook is one the way.

We hope you enjoy this version of making our beloved socca without garbanzo beans!

Do you enjoy eating mung beans? How do you prepare them?

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