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Munchkin Meals Link Up: 16 Months Old

Posted Feb 06 2013 8:45pm

Time for another Munchkin Meals! I knew eventually that we’d hit a speed bump with Hailey’s eating habits because it just was going to smoothly. Well, at 16 months, we finally hit it.


I started to label her current eating habits as picky, but it’s not really true. There aren’t any foods she won’t eat anymore, but it is hit or miss on whether or not she will eat them on a certain day. One day she devours tomatoes and the next day she’ll fling them off her tray with disgust.

Additionally, she is hit or miss about whether she wants to eat at all. Some meals she’ll only eat 3-4 bites before being “all done.” I don’t really worry about it because she still is sleeping fine and growing. I think it all evens itself out and she’ll eat when she is hungry.

munchkin meals- finicky toddler- oatmeal and chia

Breakfast is usually the most reliable meal of the day. She always starts with a banana. In fact, her first word to me every morning in the crib is “nah-na-na?” After her banana she chows down on salsa eggs or oatmeal with chia seeds. Milk on the side.

munchkin meals- finicky toddler- spoon

Around 11:30, I’ll attempt lunch.

munchkin meals- finicky toddler- lunch

I try to make sure there is a fruit or veggie, protein and fat. On this particular day, she devoured the pineapple, ate half of the turkey and maybe 3-4 pieces of toast and guacamole.

After nap, she always wants a snack. She’ll usually go for apple slices, cheese sticks, graham crackers or yogurt. This new Chobani bite fig with orange zest is a fast favorite!

munchkin meals- finicky toddler- chobani bites

By dinner, it’s anyone guess as to how much she’ll eat.

munchkin meals- finicky toddler- dinner

Grape tomatoes with olive oil, steamed broccoli with lemon, salmon bites and cheese

FYI- I don’t always “plate” her meals like this- I just thought it looked pretty for a picture Winking smile On this particular night she ate half the tomatoes, 2 bites of broccoli, all the salmon bites (in ketchup) and half the cheese.

She doesn’t seem to be eating much based on what she used to consume, but I attribute that to her being a busy toddler who would rather be on the go and is developing preferences. I plan on continuing to offer healthy options and letting her choose what and how much to eat. We’ll see how it goes!

While we are talking food, here are a few of my quick grabs recently.

munchkin meals- finicky toddler- quick grabs

Applegate Farms Honey and Maple turkey, Wild Caught salmon bites and 100 calorie packs from Wholly Guacamole

And lastly, she’s become quite the milk guzzler, for a girl who first hated milk , and drinks about 14 ounces a day.

Ok, enough from us- what are your kiddos eating? Any ideas for finicky eaters?

And don’t forget to tell us your child’s age!

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