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Munchkin Meals: 19 Months Old

Posted May 01 2013 8:56pm

This past month Hailey has been a pretty good eater. She isn’t always consistent, though. For example, she may have a large breakfast, then a 4 bite lunch and large dinner. Other nights she hardly wants any dinner. I want her to learn to eat based on listening to her own internal cues, so I try not to let it bother me. I figure she is growing well and will eat when she is hungry.

So what is she eating? Mostly mini-meals of what I’m having…

munchkin meals- what a 19 month old eats- breakfast

Oatmeal with chia seeds, diced banana and strawberry

She always has a banana first thing in the morning (8:15am). We alternate between egg-centric breakfasts and oatmeal. This particular day she ate in layers, so all the fruit was gone, as was the chia. About 1/3 of the oatmeal was left uneaten.

munchkin meals- what a 19 month old eats- lunch

1/2 peanut butter sandwich on sunflower bread, raw pepper strips and milk

Our go-to vegetable lately is raw pepper, especially red pepper. No dip necessary; Hailey likes it how it is. She ate all the pepper and and 2/3 of her sandwich around 11:30am.

munchkin meals- what a 19 month old eats- snack

When she wakes up from nap around 2:30pm, she has a snack. It usually consists on cheese and fruit. She has been loving craisins or apple, but when we are on the go, pouches and string cheese work great!

munchkin meals- what a 19 month old eats- dinner

Mexican quinoa and olives

Hailey likes flavorful food. She was picking at the quinoa until I mixed in some salsa. Then she devoured most of, leaving just a few bites. She ate all her olives.

However, for perspective, another recent dinner consisted only of olives and applesauce.

munchkin meals- what a 19 month old eats- dessert

Dessert was an unsweetened applesauce. She loves those things. On another note, please tell me my child isn’t the only one who is an (adorable) mess by the end of the day? Boots, no pants and TWO bows. Because one bow just isn’t enough.

Your turn! What are you feeding your little ones?

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