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Munchkin Meals: 18 Months

Posted Apr 03 2013 9:06pm

Hailey has been an eating champ lately. Maybe it’s another growth spurt, but she’s been downing some food. Check it out-

munchkin meals- 18 months old- banana

Mornings still begin with bananas. She eats a whole banana, but I only give her half at a time because she usually shoves the whole thing in her mouth. This distracts her for long enough for me to make breakfast.

munchkin meals- 18 months old- breakfast

She alternates eggs or oatmeal. This day was 2 eggs, scrambled with Jacks’s fresh salsa and 1/3 of a grapefruit cut up on the side around 8:15am.

This holds her until lunch around 11:20am.

munchkin meals- 18 months old- barley lentil bowl

Lunch was a barley, lentil and roasted carrot bowl, warmed up and drizzled with balsamic dressing.

munchkin meals- 18 months old- eating lunch

Then she moved onto yogurt.

munchkin meals- 18 months old- yogurt

And once she finished that and still wanted more, I defaulted to frozen peas.

munchkin meals- 18 months old- frozen peas

After nap, we usually have something fun to do so snack is on-the-go around 2:30pm. We are still a fan of pouches. They’re just so easy.

munchkin meals- 18 months old- snack

We’re also on a graham cracker kick, though it takes me some time to find some without hydrogenated oils (FYI- Honey Maid does have partially hydrogenated oils ) on the ingredient list. The ones pictured above are Harris Teeter brand , which do not have partially hydrogenated oils, but do have HFCS. Next time I plan on trying to find Annie’s organic graham crackers which have a much better list of ingredients.

Whew, sorry for the tangent!

Moving on to dinner-

munchkin meals- 18 months old- bean burger and avocado

For the most part, Hailey still eats what we eat for dinner, which is so nice. This night she ate a homemade black bean burger with avocado and organic ketchup around 6:00pm. The girl loves to dip.

I should also add she drinks about 14 ounces of whole milk a day and as much water as she wants.

What are your kiddos eating? Link up and share!

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